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Ultimate pilgrimage...

Alternate headline: Dream vacation jkthunder style

I've always wanted to travel to Tunisia, and it's always been because of Star Wars. Maybe I should rephrase that slightly (but I don't really think I need to). I've always had an attraction to world travel, and the closest taste I've gotten is going to school in France for almost a school year, which was a pretty good taste.. of Europe at least. If anything, the attraction blossomed from the exotic places portrayed in Star Wars that I was exposed to as a little kid. The Indiana Jones movies didn't hurt either. I remember somewhere around late elementary or middle school, dreaming about making a break someday to travel to the Middle East, possible studying abroad when I got to college. That, specifically, was definitely spawned by the world of Tatooine from Star Wars and Indy.

I've seen a couple of other obscure journals of fans who have made the pilgrimage to Tunisia. I tucked it away in my mind that I would get there some day too, somehow. Recently, an article popped up on a site called Lost Weekend, called: Tatooine Isn't a Hyperspace Ride Away - Star Wars Filming Locations.

Ah, to dream again. Some day. I've been through the California Redwoods once or twice already. I'm not all too interested in the Italian villa that was Naberrie Palace. Everything on Naboo always seemed too Earthly to me, more than we've really ever seen in Star Wars before. As soon as I saw Episode I and/or II, I think I even said out loud "That looks like an Italian villa!". I can definitely do without visiting the Norway location for Hoth, as not only have I heard all the horror stories about filming there in treacherous conditions, but I've also been living in a region that gets just about as cold and intolerable in the winter months and I am really done with that. But the China location for Kashyyyk... now that's a place I've long wanted to visit, and well before any Star Wars inspiration. Maybe I'll have to stop there on my way back from Tunisia. ;)

I just hope the person sacked out on the floor in the picture is okay>>


pitt said...

Very nice post, jk, I think it would be so interesting to go to Tunisia and check out the SW locations, but I'm way too chicken! Interesting links in that article, too. Coolness!

Neil Baker said...

We're planning to go with a couple of actors from England - come with us!

jkthunder said...

No way! Email me.