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Snow on the ground here in the mountains of the northeast, day off, and a little downtime, so I bringeth forth tidbits regurgitated from the bowels of the web...

Star Wars toys are still among the most popular, and up near the top are Star Wars Lego and Transformer stuff. Color me kid at heart, but the Vader Transformer is totally hot!

Star Wars stuff kids big and small want for the holidays


Never heard of this company, but it's not like I'm a crazy hardcore gamer. This teaser trailer looked pretty sweet!

Obviously it's not by Lucas Arts, so I dunno if this will be hitting any stores... anywhere.

I'm currently working through Star Wars Lego: The Complete Saga which is totally rocking. I hadn't really been into gaming at all in recent years (since my friend who had all the consoles moved away :p) but now with my shiny new PS3 I am loving life... when I have the time. I'm currently only about 20% through the game since I'm playing straight through story mode first. About to start Episode V, which is appropriate since snow is now on the ground where I live. Maybe that will help me get into the groove of winter, which I am really resistant to right now. I'll probably dedicate an entry to the game in the future. I just wanted to say that now, I am starving for ALL Star Wars games - more than ever before. Even the once much more wildly popular Star Wars Galaxies. RPG's have always been much lower on my list, but after reading about the new Chapter 7 Galaxies stuff.. of course I want. Now I just need an updated PC and XBox 360. And maybe a couple more jobs to pay for it all. Nah. If I did that I wouldn't have the time to play with them!

Um, did I mention that I started Renegade Squadron on the PSP too? Yeah. Started being the key word. Then Lego Saga entered my life.

Perhaps Lego SW will have to step aside for Lego Batman and Lego Indy! Of course, when Force Unleashed is out, I won't be leaving my PS3 unless absolutely necessary.


Forget about games - how about real life stuff? The Royal Air Force are on their way to becoming true X-Wing pilots! I wish there were pictures available - RAF fashions helmets after Star Wars. Thankfully they're not making them like the original Battlestar Galactica King Tut helmets :p


Yoda or Darth Vader slippers
? Bah. I want Chewie or Ewok slippers! But when it comes to backbacks, I don't want Chewie. I want a Yoda pack so I can be Luke in training! I don't like the head and face on the Yoda pack tho.


There's a ton of other Star Wars stuff out there right now, of course as the holidays are upon us. Bleh.

Animated Clone Wars hits theaters... we hope!

Since everyone else is reporting it, I'm jumping aboard. I needed an excuse to post here anyway. I've been slacking (i.e. busy with life and playing Star Wars Lego: The Complete Saga)...

Earlier today at the Hasbro Fall 2007 Analyst Event, it was announced that the upcoming Star Wars animated series would premiere with a theatrical release in August 2008. When asked, Lucas Film LTD did not confirm, but simply offered that they are playing with different ideas to launch the series.

TFN reports

That's all I got for now, except: This site's for you Pitt


Boba Fett Strikes Back

Long time, not much blogging here. I've been in a lull, and so has a lot of fandom news. For me at least :p

But new talk worthy things have arisen! First and foremost are the reports back from Star Wars Reunion 2 taking place in France (their own Celebration me thinks), and some details from Rick McCallum about the live-action Star Wars series. Read full report on TFN, and if you're feeling Frenchy, follow their links to the French site starwars-universe.com. Some of the highlights everyone is buzzing about for the live-action news (more Clone Wars news is in the article too):

- Boba Fett will appear in the live-action series, but no actor has been picked as of yet, but I think Daniel Logan would be an AWESOME and logical choice, since he's all grown up now. Apparently Rick agrees. *Original commented edited*

- Other than Fett, there will be all new characters, at least for the first 100 episodes. Rick says there are hopes to add EU characters after that. Young Mara Jade PLEASE!

- "Six screen writers have been hired and will start work in November" *Um.. LOL. I guess those writers aren't with the WGA. But then again, LFL isn't Hollywood!*

- John Williams is slated to work on the series. YAY!

- Check out Rick clips below, or watch it here in HD!

Another interesting rumor-oid in the article, but not having to do with the live-action series:

Saga Box Set:
- Lucasfilm is waiting to see who wins: HD DVD or Blue Ray.
- The box set will have around 100 hours of documentaries about the 6 films. (wow, we are shooting for a hundred of everything at this point...sweet!)

I really have doubts that LFL is waiting out the high-def format "war". I would think that like Spielberg, Lucas will release on both formats, and if forced to choose I would think it would be Blue-Ray (I hope!), since it has far better output capacity and about half the compression of HD DVD. But I'll take 100 hours of bonus features and a saga set on anything! Just let them be new bonus features.