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R2 goes postal!

LOL - Found R2 I did...

Of course, I had to take more pictures than necessary.

A nice passer-by took a picture with me trying to reenact Leia loading the DS plans to R2 on the Tantiv IV in ANH. Okay, I admit it - I harassed the nice passer-by. Poor guy was just trying to send some mail :p

Found in Burlington, VT. BTW, you needn't look far for R2 here. He's right in front of the main post office (corner of Pearl and Elmwood) ;)

I had set out to find R2 on my way into work, and my first stop was to be at the post office itself to actually ask them if they could tell me R2's location. I didn't even have to go inside to ask. R2 was waiting for me at the front door.

I'm almost all healed up since last weekend's SFX workshop by the way. I'm feeling much better. Only a minor flesh wound really. That zombie really didn't know how to handle a steak knife.

Master Ken-Oh-BeeHAVE!

What do Scotsmen wear under their kilts??







If it's been a good date...

!! Lipstick !!

Of course *I* got a kick out of that. I hear it's an old time Scottish joke. Thanks to Craig Ferguson - yet another Scot I love.

Uh oh - She's at it again with the Ewan McGregor stuff. :D