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The Novels of Star Wars

This is a chronological list of Star Wars Novels. No comics or games, just the books.... well okay, and a few graphic novels. I am including the in-continuity young readers series books, as well as a few graphic novels relevant to the story in other EU books.

2 Good EU references:
- The Star Wars New Essential Chronology*
- Star Wars Timeline Gold

Note: Some of the different eras overlap where an era starts within another era. Also, I have tried to keep series books together even though some books jump ahead and coincide with others on the timeline - those dates are noted (see the X-Wing series starting 6ABY). Otherwise, if an entry doesnt have a year BBY or ABY after it, it occurs at at the same time or right after the last entry with a date above it.

BBY = (years) Before the Battle of Yavin
ABY = (years) After the Battle of Yavin
(@ ) = Expected release date
*GN* = Graphic Novel (there's just a few in here)


The Novels of Star Wars

-------------------- OLD REPUBLIC ERA - 25000 - 22 BBY >

-------------------- SITH ERA - 1025 -1000 BBY >

Path of Destruction - Drew Karpyshyn (@ September 26, 2006)

-------------------- RISE OF THE EMPIRE ERA - 245 - 1 BBY >

Jedi Apprentice: (young reader series) - starting 44 BBY
- 1 - The Rising Force - Dave Wolverton
- 2 - The Dark Rival - Jude Watson>>
- 3 - The Hidden Past
- 4 - The Mark of the Crown
- 5 - The Defenders of the Dead
- 6 - The Uncertain Path
- 7 - The Captive Temple
- 8 - The Day of Reckoning
- 9 - The Fight for Truth - 43 BBY
- 10 - The Shattered Peace
- 11 - The Deadly Hunter
- 12 - The Evil Experiment
- 13 - The Dangerous Rescue
- 14 - The Ties That Bind - 41 BBY
- 15 - The Death of Hope
- 16 - The Call to Vengeance
- 17 - The Only Witness - 40 BBY
- 18 - The Threat Within
- Two Special Editions of Jedi Apprentice - see 29BBY
Cloak Of Deception - James Luceno -33 BBY
Darth Maul - *GN* (Black Sun/TPB graphic novel) - Writer: Ron Marz
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter - Michael Reaves - 32.5 BBY
- Darth Maul : Saboteur - (novella included in Shadow Hunter) - occurs directly before Cloak of Deception - 33.5 BBY

-------------------- movie era begins -
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Terry Brooks (novelization) -32 BBY
Rogue Planet - Greg Bear - 29 BBY
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #1: Deceptions (young reader series)- Jude Watson- 29 BBY
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #2: The Followers
Jedi Quest : Path to Truth - (young reader) - Jude Watson - 28 BBY
Jedi Quest #1-10 (young reader series) - Jude Watson - 27 BBY
Outbound Flight - Timothy Zahn - 27 BBY
The Approaching Storm - Alan Dean Foster - 22.5 BBY
-------------------- THE CLONE WAR ERA - 22 - 19 BBY>
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - R.A. Salvatore (novelization) -22 BBY
Boba Fett #1-2 (young readers series) - Terry Bisson
Boba Fett #3-6 (young readers series) - Elizabeth Hand - 22-20 BBY
Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact - Karen Traviss
Shatterpoint - Matthew Stover - 21 BBY
The Cestus Deception - Steven Barnes>>
-- The Hive (novella included in Cestus Deception)
Star Wars Republic Commando: Triple Zero - Karen Traviss
MedStar I: Battle Surgeons - Michael Reaves & Steve Perry >> - 20 BBY
MedStar II: Jedi Healer
Jedi Trial - David Sherman & Dan Cragg - 19.5 BBY
Yoda: Dark Rendezvous - Sean Stewart
Labrynth Of Evil - James Luceno - 19 BBY
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - Matthew Stover (novelization) - 19 BBY
Dark Lord: The Rise Of Darth Vader - James Luceno
-------------------- REBELLION ERA - 19 BBY - 4 ABY>
Untitled Death Star Novel - Michael Reaves & Steve Perry (@ October 2007) - 18.5 BBY
Coruscant Nights Trilogy: - Michael Reaves
1 - Jedi Twilight - (@ July, 2008)
2 - Chiascuro - (@ September 2008)
3 - Patterns of Force - (@ November 2008)
The Last of the Jedi: (young readers series) - Jude Watson - 18 - 10 BBY
- 1- The Desperate Mission
- 2 - Dark Warning
- 3 - Underworld
- 4 - Death on Naboo
- 5 - A Tangled Web - (@ August 2006)
- 6 - Untitled - (@ August 2006)
- 7 - Untitled - (@ November 2006)
- 8 - Untitled - (@ February 2007)
- 9 - Untitled - (@ May 2007)
-10 -Untitled - (@ August 2007)
-------------------- GALACTIC CIVIL WAR ERA - 10 BBY - 4 ABY>
The Han Solo Trilogy: - A.C. Crispin
1 - The Paradise Snare -10 BBY
2 - The Hutt Gambit -5 BBY
3 - Rebel Dawn
The Adventures of Lando Calrissian series: - L. Neil Smith - starting 5 BBY
1 - Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu
2 - Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon
3 - Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka
The Han Solo Adventures series: - Brian Daley
1 - Han Solo at Stars' End
2 - Han Solo's Revenge
3 - Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
Dark Forces: - *GN* (graphic novels) - William C. Dietz (writer)
- I - Soldier for the Empire
- II - Rebel Agent
- III - Jedi Knight
Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker - George Lucas - 0 BY
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Alan Dean Foster (novelization) - 0 years BY
Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina - Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Galaxies: The Ruins of Dantooine - Haden Blackman
Splinter of the Mind's Eye - Alan Dean Foster - 2 ABY
Allegiance - Timothy Zahn (@ February 2007)
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - Donald F. Glut (novelization) - 3 ABY
Tales of the Bounty Hunters - Kevin J. Anderson
Shadows Of The Empire - Steve Perry - 3.5 ABY
The Bounty Hunter Wars series: - K.W. Jeter - 4 ABY
1 - The Mandalorian Armor
2 - Slave Ship
3 - Hard Merchandise
Tales from Jabba's Palace - Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - James Kahn (novelization) - 4 ABY
-------------------- movie era ends -

-------------------- THE NEW REPUBLIC ERA - 4 - 25 ABY>

The Truce At Bakura - Kathy Tyers - 4 ABY
The Courtship Of Princess Leia - Dave Wolverton - 8 ABY
Tattooine Ghost - Troy Denning
- A Forest Apart (novella included in Tatooine Ghost)
X - Wing series: - 6 to 13 ABY
1 - Rogue Squadron - Michael A. Stackpole>> - 6 ABY
2 - Wedge's Gamble
3 - The Krystos Trap - 7 ABY
4 - The Bacta War
5 - Wraith Squadron - Aaron Allston>>
6 - Iron Fist
7 - Solo Command
8 - Isard's Revenge - Michael A. Stackpole - 9 ABY
9 - Starfighters of Adumar - Aaron Allston - 13 ABY
The Thrawn Trilogy: - Timothy Zahn - 9 ABY
1 - Heir to the Empire
2 - Dark Force Rising
3 - The Last Command
Dark Empire I and II - *GN* (graphic novels) - Tom Veitch - 10 ABY
The Jedi Academy Trilogy: - Kevin J. Anderson - 11 ABY
1 - Jedi Search
2 - Dark Apprentice
3 - Champions of the Force
I, Jedi - Michael Stackpole
Callista Trilogy: - 12-13 ABY
1 - Children of the Jedi - Barbara Hambly
2 - Darksaber - Kevin J. Anderson
3 - Planet of Twilight - Barbara Hambly - 13 ABY
The Crystal Star - Vonda McIntyre - 14 ABY
The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy: - Michael P. Kube-McDowell - 16-17 ABY
1 - Before the Storm
2 - Shield of Lies
3 - Tyrant's Test
The New Rebellion - Kristine Rusch - 17 ABY
The Correlian Trilogy: - Roger Macbride Allen - 18 years ABY
1 - Ambush at Corellia
2 - Assault at Selonia
3 - Showdown at Centerpoint
The Hand of Thrawn duology: - Timothy Zahn - 19 years ABY
1 - Specter Of The Past
2 - Vision Of The Future
Survivor's Quest - Timothy Zahn - 21 ABY
Junior Jedi Knights: (young readers) - 22 ABY
- 1 - The Golden Globe - Nancy Richardson>>
- 2 - Lyric's World
- 3 - Promises
- 4 - Anakin's Quest - Rebecca Moesta>>
- 5 - Vader's Fortress
- 6 - Kenobi's Blade
Young Jedi Knights series: (young readers) - Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
- Young Jedi Knights 1- 6: The Rise of the Shadow Academy: - 23 ABY
- 1 - Heirs of the Force
- 2 - Shadow Academy
- 3 - The Lost Ones
-------- (YJK 1-3 Omnibus) - Jedi Shadow
- 4 - Lightsabers
- 5 - The Darkest Knight
- 6 - Jedi Under Siege
-------- (YJK 4-6 Omnibus) - Jedi Sunrise
- Young Jedi Knights 7-11: The Fall of the Diversity Alliance:
- 7 - Shards of Alderaan
- 8 - Diversity Alliance
- 9 - Delusions of Grandeur
- 10 - Jedi Bounty
- 11 - The Emperor's Plague
- Young Jedi Knights 12-14: Under Black Sun: - 24 ABY
- 12 - Return to Ord Mantell
- 13 - Trouble on Cloud City
- 14 - Crisis at Crystal Reef

-------------------- NEW JEDI ORDER ERA - 25 - 34 ABY>

The New Jedi Order series: - 25 - 29 ABY
1 - Vector Prime - R.A. Salvatore - 25 ABY
2 - Dark Tide I: Onslaught - Michael A. Stackpole>>
3 - Dark Tide II: Ruin
4 - Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial - James Luceno>>
5 - Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse
6 - Balance Point - Kathy Tyers - 26 ABY
7 - Edge of Victory I: Conquest - Greg Keyes>>
8 - Edge of Victory II: Rebirth
9 - Star by Star - Troy Denning - 27 ABY
- - - Recovery (novella included in Star by Star)
10- Dark Journey - Elaine Cunningham
11- Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream - Aaron Allston>>
12- Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand
13- Traitor - Matthew Stover
14- Destiny's Way - Walter Jon Williams - 28 ABY
15- Force Heretic I: Remnant - Sean Williams & Shane Dix>>
16- Force Heretic II: Refugee
17- Force Heretic III: Reunion
18- The Final Prophecy - Greg Keyes
19- The Unifying Force - James Luceno

-------------------- THE LEGACY ERA - 34 ABY + >

The Dark Nest Trilogy: - Troy Denning - 34 ABY
1 - The Joiner King
- - Ylesia (pdf download/novella included in Joiner King) - Walter Jon Williams - 28 ABY
2 - The Unseen Queen
3 - The Swarm War
Legacy of the Force series: starting 37 ABY
1 - Betrayal - Aaron Allston (@ May 30, 2006 Hardcover)
2 - Bloodlines - Karen Traviss (@ August 29, 2006 Paperback)
3 - Tempest - Troy Denning (@ November 2006 Paperback)
4 - Exile - Aaron Allston (@ February 27, 2007 Paperback)
5 - Sacrifice - Karen Traviss (@ June 2007 Hardcover)
6 - Untitled Paperback - Troy Denning (@ September 2007 Paperback)
7 - Untitled Paperback - Aaron Allston (@ November 2007 Paperback)
8 - Untitled Paperback - Karen Traviss (@ March 2008 Paperback)
9 - Untitled Hardcover - Troy Denning (@ June 2008 Hardcover)

There are also two anthologies; Tales from the Empire and Tales from the New Republic, both edited by Peter Schweighofer, that contain short and side stories from different periods in the timeline, and include such authors as Timothy Zahn and Michael A. Stackpole.


Del Rey's Star Wars Timeline

Del Rey's Star Wars home page
- This will link to *most* of the books and a little summary, except for the graphic novels and young readers books of course (I've tried to link the latter to their publisher or other info).

*A good EU primer
If you havent had the pleasure to own or read the Star Wars New Essential Chronology, but would like to get an idea of the EU with a little synapsis of how all the books, comics and games of the EU link together, I highly recommend this article on sw.com (it rocks!): Endnotes for The New Essential Chronology

My endnotes

This will be an ongoing process as new books come out and with the help of other fans to tell me if I've missed anything. I basically wanted to make this list for my own reference, but have seen others who were looking for a "books only list", so I figured I'd go live with it and share the love. If you were looking for this list, enjoy!

Here's my little intro (even though it's at the end) and disclaimer. I have been a complete and total SW film purist until about a month after ROTS was released ( okay! i lied!! ). Now I am an EU noob and spoiler feind (of which you will find none in this blog). My disclaimer is that I still will not be reading any of the film novelizations. Its a film purism thing. Hey - we all have our "thing". Even if I have TESB and ANH novels from when I was a kid... I dont actually remember them.

December 2005 - Well, previously my disclaimer included not reading any books within the film era as well. Now that has changed since Dark Lord was released. I am also indulging in the young readers series Last of the Jedi which coincides with Dark Lord and takes place right after ROTS. I'm sure there will be many more to come, but no film novelizations still - I still feel the same way about those.

I'm also starting to get back into the comics again, which I hadnt paid much attention to since the early 80s. I recently was reunited with my old SW Marvel Comics collection, of which I didnt remember how many I actually had. It starts from #1 and runs somewhere into the 60s, with very few missing issues, and thankfully not too much damage to most of them for being in a cardboard box in a barn attic for 25 years or so. Now, Dark Horse has reprinted that whole series in the form of omnibus style TPBS, called "A long Time Ago...", Of which I hope to collect. I'll save the comics talk for another blog maybe.

I also got lucky and found the first issue of KOTOR recently (they were selling out quick, I got the last copy in the shop), and hope to continue with that series - ah, there's something about a fresh start with a new series.

March, 2006 - LOL @ me above... not a n00b no mo'! I've read a ton of stuff, and have learned so much in relatively short amount of time. I'm actually starting to feel a little more caught up to my friends who have been reading the EU since it really started to get published.

Thanks, JKT

Attack of the Blog
date posted: Nov 16, 2005 5:45 PM
(original post at my starwars.com blog)

The Comics of Star Wars

I love a good list. In the tradition of The Novels of Star Wars, here is a somewhat complete list of Star Wars Comic TPBs. This will be updated for new releases and corrections, so check on back here from time to time.

I'm just starting out with the Star Wars comics, or rather revisiting them... I havent followed them since the Star Wars Marvel Comic series from the 70s and 80s. Good old Dark Horse has gone and put much of the old, as well as keeping the new in circulation, and compiling almost all of the series to TPB.

In an effort to simplify, I am only listing the TPBs (and some GNs) here, and no Infinities either (even though some of the multi-era TPBs may contain Infinities within them. I did list those here). I wont bother listing era titles here either, as I've exhausted that in the Novels list. Feel free to refer to that if its of interest. Scroll to the end here for further ramblings.


Star Wars Comic TPB Timeline

5,000 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith
Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire
3,998 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic
Tales of the Jedi: The Freedom Nadd Uprising
3,997 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith
3,996 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: Sith War
3,986 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: Redemption
1,000 BBY
Jedi vs. Sith
44 BBY
The Stark Hyperspace War
33 BBY
Jedi Council: Acts of War
Prelude to Rebellion
Darth Maul

32 BBY
Episode I: The Phantom Mencace

31 BBY
Jango Fett - Open Seasons
Emissaries to Malastare
30 BBY
28 BBY
Rite of Passage
27 BBY
Jango Fett GN (Graphic Novel)
Zam Wesell GN
23 BBY
Honor and Duty (up to 19 BBY) (@ May 10, 2006)

22 BBY
Episode II: Attack of the Clones

22-20 BBY
Clone Wars:
- Vol. 1: The Defense of Kamino
- Vol. 2: Victories and Sacrifices
- Vol. 3: Last Stand on Jablim
- Vol. 4: Light and Dark
- Vol. 5: The Best Blades
- Vol. 6: On the Fields of Battle
- Vol. 7: When They Were Brothers
- Vol. 8 The Last Siege, The Final Truth
- Vol. 9: Endgame (@ Jul 26, 2006)
Clone Wars Adventures: (comic digest from cartoon)
- Volumes 1-4
- Vol. 5 (@ April 19, 2006)
- Vol. 6 (@ August 9, 2006)
20 BBY
General Grevious

19 BBY
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

10-5 BBY
Droids: Rebellion
Droids: The Kalarba Adventures
Droids: The Protocol Offensive (not a TPB, but co-written by Anthony Daniels)
Jabba the Hutt: Art of the Deal
Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars' End
Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire
Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika
Empire Vol. 1: Betrayal
Empire Vol. 2: Darklighter

0 BY - Battle of Yavin
Episode IV: A New Hope

Empire Vol. 3: The Imperial Perspective
Empire Vol. 4: Heart of the Rebellion
Empire Vol. 5: Allies and Adversaries (? date)
Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures
A Long Time Ago Vol 1: Doomworld
A Long Time Ago Vol. 2: Dark Encounters
Vader's Quest
Classic Star Wars Vol. 1: In Deadly Pursuit
Classic Star Wars Vol. 2: The Rebel Storm
Classic Star Wars Vol. 3: Escape to Hoth
Splinter of the Mind's Eye

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

A Long Time Ago Vol. 3: Resurrection of Evil
A Long Time Ago Vol. 4: Screams in the Void
A Long Time Ago Vol. 5: Fool's Bounty
Shadows of the Empire

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand
Shadows of the Empire - Evolution
A Long Time Ago Vol. 6: Wookie World
A Long Time Ago Vol. 7: Far, Far Away
X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Vol.1 Omnibus (@ June 7, 2006)
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command
10 ABY
Dark Empire (aka Dark Empire I)
Dark Empire II
Boba Fett - Death, Lies & Treachery
11 ABY
Empire's End
Crimson Empire
Crimson Empire - Council of Blood
12 ABY
Jedi Academy: Leviathan
19 ABY
25 ABY

Spans multiple eras:

A Long Time Ago (first Star Wars comics - originally by Marvel):
- Vol. 1: Doomworld - 0 BY
- Vol. 2: Dark Encounters - 1 ABY
- Vol. 3: Resurrection of Evil - 3 ABY
- Vol. 4: Screams in the Void - 3 ABY
- Vol. 5: Fool's Bounty - 3 ABY
- Vol. 6: Wookie World - 4 ABY
- Vol. 7: Far, Far Away - 4 ABY
The Bounty Hunters
Dark Forces: (This is the story of Kyle Katarn)
- I Soldier for the Empire
- II Rebel Agent
- III Jedi Knight


In my Novels list, I referred to the Star Wars New Essential Chronology as the ultimate resource chronology, as well as Star Wars Timeline Gold. For the comics, we now have The Star Wars Comic Companion, of which I have yet to lay my grubby little paws on, but hopefully it will be on its way to my mailbox in the coming weeks.

I think many of you know what the BBY and ABY stand for. If not:

BY = Battle of Yavin, which takes place in Episode IV: A New Hope
BBY = (years) Before the Battle of Yavin
ABY = (years) After the Battle of Yavin

I use the @ symbol to connote the date for upcoming releases.

A few of these are actually graphic novels (GN), which as opposed to the TPBs (trade paperbacks), are not collections of a comic series run. They are stand alone novels.

About the Star Wars films listed above: There are many different comic adaptations of the films, including manga (another subject I didnt include in this list, which goes into Star Wars beyond the films too.. maybe someday I'll get it in here). Suffice it to say that I merely listed the individual episodes here as a reference point to the timeline.

Alrighty! Just like my SW Novel list, I put this together so I could get the story straight for myself, and also to have a priority "shopping list" (so to speak) for myself. Its also handy to have these lists stored on a server, so there are a few more ways to access this if need be.

Q: "So then why dont you just use Dark Horse's online timeline?"

A: "That would be too easy"

Actually and frankly, they way they have the timeline laid out is a little confusing for the stuff I want to see. And by making a list here myself, I actually learn it.

This is by no means a big time collector's reference list of Star Wars obscura. I've seen some of those lists, and they only frusterate me with the knowledge that these things are practically impossible to find. This is the stuff thats out there, for everyone to access, and also the items that are generally withing the main continuity of the EU timeline. Again, as I said above - no infinities or other rare and obscure stuff for the most part.

There are several series that arent put to TPB, though highly worthy (like the new KOTOR series, of which we're waiting on issue #4), I havent figured out how or if they should be incorporated to this list yet. Surely when they do arrive as TPBs, they will be added. For now however, they remain absent - so technically this isn't a complete list, even though Dark Horse has done a n impressive job at compiling most of it.

This is mostly from the timeline provided on the Dark Horse website. There's another great little community over there. I highly recommend surfing around that site for more info on the comics, since they are now the main Star Wars comic publisher. Of course, keep checking in at our very own starwars.com EU comics pages for updates on new releases etc.

Also like my Novel list (and any blog I write), I welcome input from everyone, especially to help keep the list as correct and updated as possible. Like I said above, this will be frequently updated, fixed up and spackled, added to and all that. Eventually, I hope to get a link (either sw.com or publisher) to each title. But I said that about the Novel list and look how far I got with that. A listaholic's work is never done.

I'm not sure of the timeline date for Empire Vol. 5: Allies and Adversaries. I just stuck it up there where I thought it fit. Another one I have yet to put in the list is The Hunt for Aurra Sing, which I know takes place sometime before Episode III, but I'm not sure exactly. The upcoming Honor and Duty is a guess too, since it is only said to have begun before the Clone Wars and runs to Vader's first assignment (you all know what that is!). Surely there will be many more changes and additions to this list.

More Links

EU Comics Archive at starwars.com

Dark Horse Star Wars site

Dark Horse Star Wars comic timeline

A reminder to fellow Hyperspace members: Dont forget to drop by your friendly neighborhood Daily Webstrip, for comics featuring art and writing from some of our very own and loveable greenie weenie admins Ghent and Pabawan.

Thanks - J

Originally posted on my starwars.com blog April 11, 2006.


Found someone you have...

For the sake of opening this thing, finally... my real space blog. Also wanted to upload a picture to my profile that was too big of a URL file size. More server space out in this server far far away. As I noticed with Rive Caedo, I will probably use this more in the future to back up my blogs from the official site mostly. I'm a long ways away from maxing that out yet.

Oh yeah, the picture... I'm an artist of sorts, many different sorts actually. I've been getting back into comics recently, and have been sketching up a bit. This is a prototype for jkthunder in the GFFA, er.. 9FF4 (I just threw that name up there for now... hope I can edit it later). There's a story that goes along with her. I'm creeping myself out by talking in the third person. To be continued...