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Amazon's greatest Star Wars hits

If you're ever really bored or really too lazy to move more than a few fingers for clicking and scrolling, go to amazon.com and type in "star wars" in the search field. I dare ya. Here's a few search results among the gajillion that I couldn't not share (these are screen caps, so the links won't work - but if you click on the picture, you will see a bigger, better view)...

What I wanna know is if THIS IS A TOTAL SPOILER from the Legacy comics series??

I think some amazon sellers really haven't seen most of the Star Wars movies

Or maybe some of them have really bad eyesight? Get Star Wars mixed up with Xena?

To each their own I suppose

Ooh! A t-shirt SALE? W00t?

I don't get it. Don't try what exactly? And how do you become a professional? *rolls eyes*


Star Wars Vector #3 out now

... but I haven't gotten it yet. Supposedly it was out on April 16, but I haven't seen it in any of the shops I've stopped at yet. Hmmmm. Anyway, following the Vector series so far has been interesting, especially from someone who has been reading the KOTOR series already. It's been sort of a love-hate thing since I had a hard time weening myself off of Brian Ching's penciling after the first story arc.

I'm anticipating how Vector will move forward as it's own 12 part story while spanning across multiple comics series. Star Wars Vector #3 is also KOTOR #27, and after the next KOTOR issue, Vector will move into the Dark Times series for two consecutive issues. One could see Vector as a ploy to get readers to sample different Star Wars comics like a combination plate, but I'm down with that. I've been wanting to check out Dark Times anyway. This will only expedite my compulsion to follow some more comics series from the beginning. I guess the ploy works for me;)

Pabawan explains Vector at starwars.com


When two perfect worlds collide, or... Star Wars Muppets!

I'm not just talking about Yoda and Salacious Crumb...

Soon we'll have nostalgic figures from the Muppet Show episode from 1980 which featured Mark Hamill (and his cousin Luke Skywalker), as well as the Muppet Star Wars comic featured in a 1983 edition of Muppet Magazine. These babies are mine, as soon as they hit Disney store locations. Starwars.com reports.


Luke Skywalker novel cover art brings sexy back

Yeah... that's right. Thanks Dave Seely. I would have loved this C4 poster, but at least I'll get a sweet book cover.

Live-action show will reveal greasy, seamy underbelly

Can you say 'new catch-phrase'? News has been rolling in from the panels at NYCC, and Steve Sansweet has given us an oh-so-eloquent outlook on the upcoming live-action show with more empty promises that it will outdo the Star Wars Holiday Special. MTV.com (yeah, I know)

UK Star Destroyer lavatory gets people's minds off drunken Vader attack

Or is it just me who sees Star Wars everywhere? Apparently, a public water closet that resembles "Darth Vader's spaceship" may be awarded as the best new building in Britain by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Click to read (and glimpse) at Times Online.

Jason Geyer's Star Wars nerd dream come true

This news is a little dated (from Feb '08) but I'm just now landing on this article from Action Figure Insider online by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer about his path to Star Wars nerd enlightenment in the toy and merchandising industry. I don't think I'll ever comprehend the "all Star Warsed out" part, at least not in a permanent sense. Otter shares some ideas that did and did not make it. It's prolly better that we never saw the Star Wars sun shield come into fruition, because I woulda bought that sucker and drove around with it on!

Other awesomeness includes taking part in the creation of life-sized characters for a Pepsi campaign for The Phantom Menace. I'll take one Darth Maul please.

Clone Wars trailer, for the heck of it

I've been a little sporadic in the blogosphere and don't think I ever even posted Clone Wars trailers as they sprang. Oop! Apologies for the semi-hiatus.

Completely insane Star Wars art... made out of Star Wars

Techno-artist Avinash Arora pieced together 69,550 frames from the Star Wars saga (with a little help from some CPUs) and recreated the "Star Wars Last Supper" original painting by Eric Deschamps. Arora talks with Gizmodo about the process (more shares more pictures).

Tierese Nielsen blogs about her Star Wars Mini packaging art

With pictures!

These are some really beautiful prints. Check out the artist's own walk-throughs at her blog by clicking here...