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Star Wars Vector #3 out now

... but I haven't gotten it yet. Supposedly it was out on April 16, but I haven't seen it in any of the shops I've stopped at yet. Hmmmm. Anyway, following the Vector series so far has been interesting, especially from someone who has been reading the KOTOR series already. It's been sort of a love-hate thing since I had a hard time weening myself off of Brian Ching's penciling after the first story arc.

I'm anticipating how Vector will move forward as it's own 12 part story while spanning across multiple comics series. Star Wars Vector #3 is also KOTOR #27, and after the next KOTOR issue, Vector will move into the Dark Times series for two consecutive issues. One could see Vector as a ploy to get readers to sample different Star Wars comics like a combination plate, but I'm down with that. I've been wanting to check out Dark Times anyway. This will only expedite my compulsion to follow some more comics series from the beginning. I guess the ploy works for me;)

Pabawan explains Vector at starwars.com

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