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Edward Copeland on Film: Let the Star Wars Blog-a-Thon begin

Happy 30th Star Wars. It looks like the pitiful little band of folks I know and I aren't the only Star Wars bloggers at Blogspot. Check out this Star Wars Blogger extravaganza:

Edward Copeland on Film: Let the Star Wars Blog-a-Thon begin

(I didn't have the heart to tell them that every day is a Star Wars blog-a-thon on my block)


FCTV - The best C4 coverage yet

Maybe I shouldn't speak so soon, but after checking out some other reports from C4 on good old fashioned youtube, I stumbled upon TheForce.net's (link to Force Cast youtube page) very own Force Cast TV, with some really great video straight from the convention center. Check out the complete video collection so far in the link above. Here's one of my favorites:

I've been finding a lot of little C4 gems on youtube beyond that, including a lot of the talent show auditions (still haven't found video of the actual talent show however), a couple of clips for collectors by JediInsider.com, and all sorts of other little things.

Here's a news clip concerning the bomb threat during the opening ceremony (I'm convinced the mysterious bag must have contained some fan's "space junk", or perhaps even a custom lightsaber kit or the like):

Of course the official starwars.com/Lucas Online Celebration IV blog and photostream continue to give us some of the best updates, coverage, and images from the convention.

I really feel like I'm missing out on a really incredible event. I was never really the "convention type", but always liked to get highlights (especially concerning Star Wars of course) from certain events through the media. After following C4 from afar, I think I will be turning into the "convention type" real soon. I'm really hoping for the offical Celebrations to continue. I'll definitely be going to C5!


Celebration 4 coverage in the media

Alas, here I am stuck in the now drizzly and cool northeast (even though it was sunny, too hot, and humid just the other day), a far bound away from the excitement and activities in LA where the official event celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars is taking place over the weekend.

In the midst of my pouting about it, I've been engorging myself with as much coverage of the event that I can possible find. In the entry before this, I posted the news about G4's coverage. I finally watched it, and while they gave us an ample two hours of air time, it still wasn't nearly enough for my tastes. Furthermore, they spent a little too much time focused on the jabbering of the hosts. Time that could have well been spent getting up close and personal with the multitude of fans and hugely diverse events and areas of interest at the convention. They've been rerunning it like crazy on G4, as expected, so if you've missed it, you could probably catch it again. Frankly, I found the Star Wars tribute edition of X-Play on the same channel to be vastly more entertaining. That's just me though.

Otherwise, if you really want the best coverage of C4, you need only stop at one place (and navigate to a few others from there): www.starwars.com

Just in the nick of time for this major milestone in Star Wars history, the official site has stepped up to bat and really has come through with extensive multimedia coverage. First with the beginning of the site reconstruction, the new video section gives us a few great previews: just today with an exclusive clip from the upcoming Clone Wars 3D animation show.

But if you dig in deeper you'll find that Lucas Online staffers, namely Bonnie Burton and Pablo Hidalgo, have been posting frequent updates to their Star Wars C4 blog, with ample video, photos and articles. This one blog is all you really need to feel as close to C4 as possible while not actually being there. Make sure to click on the photostream in that blog, if you want to be overwhelmed with photos of absolutely ever nook and cranny of C4.

I wondered who it was who won the uspsjedimaster.com contest to receive tickets to C4. It wasn't me, which I of course had hoped. But there is another!

Monday the 28th brings us the program Star Wars: Legacy Revealed on the History channel. They too are running a sweepstakes to potentially win tickets to Celebration Europe this coming July. Click of the widget I embedded in my blog to get to the site and cast a vote every day to win! Or go directly here to vote.

Happy 30th, and the Force is with us, always :D


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Star Wars Turns 30 On G4!

Hey, you know The Force? Well, if you get a chance, let it be with you, because 2007 marks the 30th anniversary of the theater release of Star Wars: A New Hope.

In honor of the 30-year mark, on May 24-28, 2007, the fandom of Star Wars will celebrate the event with the fourth fan convention, Celebration IV. With over 30,000 anticipated attendees from around the world, C4 is expected to be the largest convention to date.

A special 2-hour Attack of the Show will be live from the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, May 25th, to bring you all of the announcements, fan excitement, re-enactments, and exclusive interviews. We will bring the convention right to your door like we're a pizza delivery boy or something.

G4 Presents Star Wars at 30! Airs Friday, May 25th @ 7PM ET



I just now, after about 6 months since the change over to Blogger Beta, realized that in that change over the comments for this blog were automatically reset to "moderate comments". All this time I thought no one really commented here at all, which isn't a huge deal to me since I in itially started this blog for back up to my starwars.com blog anyway. But I finally noticed the note on my dashboard for this blog saying I needed to moderate some comments! DOH! Now everyone's comments are published and this blog is now free and open for commenting without me having to "moderate". Sorry to anyone who posted comments and noticed they didn't appear. PHEW.

And now that I know people do actually look at this blog without me linking to it, and actually comment, I want MORE! :D So please take up as much space as you like, and now your comments will appear instantly!

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* A little note about the previous entry with the Obi Wan/ Ewan slideshow: I was just testing the slideshow/picture site with a few pictures, and truthfully I don't really like the results. I had the best of intentions to make a grand Obi Wan entry with lots of juicy photos for Obi Wan week, since Obi Wan and Ewan is one of my faves, it was right around my birthday, and I think I've carved out a little niche with my fangirl photo essays :D - but alas, I didn't have the time to do any of that, save for the kilt joke. It looks like some folks actually did stop by to see what I would be up to!