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I just now, after about 6 months since the change over to Blogger Beta, realized that in that change over the comments for this blog were automatically reset to "moderate comments". All this time I thought no one really commented here at all, which isn't a huge deal to me since I in itially started this blog for back up to my starwars.com blog anyway. But I finally noticed the note on my dashboard for this blog saying I needed to moderate some comments! DOH! Now everyone's comments are published and this blog is now free and open for commenting without me having to "moderate". Sorry to anyone who posted comments and noticed they didn't appear. PHEW.

And now that I know people do actually look at this blog without me linking to it, and actually comment, I want MORE! :D So please take up as much space as you like, and now your comments will appear instantly!

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* A little note about the previous entry with the Obi Wan/ Ewan slideshow: I was just testing the slideshow/picture site with a few pictures, and truthfully I don't really like the results. I had the best of intentions to make a grand Obi Wan entry with lots of juicy photos for Obi Wan week, since Obi Wan and Ewan is one of my faves, it was right around my birthday, and I think I've carved out a little niche with my fangirl photo essays :D - but alas, I didn't have the time to do any of that, save for the kilt joke. It looks like some folks actually did stop by to see what I would be up to!


Oboe-Wan said...


And how did you get a hold of my rubber ducky??!!

Now that I commented, can I have him back?

RJ said...

F' em. Kill the duck. Insert Darth Maul smilie.