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FCTV - The best C4 coverage yet

Maybe I shouldn't speak so soon, but after checking out some other reports from C4 on good old fashioned youtube, I stumbled upon TheForce.net's (link to Force Cast youtube page) very own Force Cast TV, with some really great video straight from the convention center. Check out the complete video collection so far in the link above. Here's one of my favorites:

I've been finding a lot of little C4 gems on youtube beyond that, including a lot of the talent show auditions (still haven't found video of the actual talent show however), a couple of clips for collectors by JediInsider.com, and all sorts of other little things.

Here's a news clip concerning the bomb threat during the opening ceremony (I'm convinced the mysterious bag must have contained some fan's "space junk", or perhaps even a custom lightsaber kit or the like):

Of course the official starwars.com/Lucas Online Celebration IV blog and photostream continue to give us some of the best updates, coverage, and images from the convention.

I really feel like I'm missing out on a really incredible event. I was never really the "convention type", but always liked to get highlights (especially concerning Star Wars of course) from certain events through the media. After following C4 from afar, I think I will be turning into the "convention type" real soon. I'm really hoping for the offical Celebrations to continue. I'll definitely be going to C5!

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