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My boyz

ROX - you did it again. I'm such a non-sports fan, but I grew up with the Red Sox. Can't help getting all sports-fan giddy when my boys are kicking ass. Congrats!


No news is still no news. Lucas' live-action not so active atm...

Every once in awhile we get a little nip of info about the Star Wars TV shows. Slowly but surely, Clone Wars is coming along, and the live action show is creeping in behind it. It's just so painful to think that it will probably be several or more years until the live-action show comes to our TV screens - but then again, when it finally gets here, perhaps because so much time will have passed since the last Star Wars film, we will feel a similar nostalgia for the prequels as we have/had for the original trilogy.

Here's the lates nip of info, from the LA Times. Snifters optional (I prefer straight out of the bottle meself):

George Lucas planning 'Star Wars' TV series

"Filmmaker George Lucas said Tuesday that he has "just begun work" on a live-action television series rooted in the "Star Wars" universe, which is huge news not just for fans of the science-fiction epic but also for networks looking for a piece of the Lucas magic that has grossed $4.3 billion in theaters worldwide...

... That model (the upcoming animated Clone Wars series) may also be used for the live-action show, although producer Rick McCallum said Tuesday that it's too early to say. McCallum is interviewing writers for the live-action series.

Lucas is confident he can find a home for his droids and Jedi, but he also knows the projects are unorthodox enough to give network executives pause."

- By Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 17, 2007

That's why I think us fans need to encourage George to create his own gorram television network. Are ya with me?

Yeah, I borrowed this pic from the article. Love it!

A couple more niblets for your giblets, thanks to Club Jade:

EW.com from Oct. 12 reports on Lucas search for writers

This awesome insideskywalkerranch.com link :O <--- so amazing I had to borrow a yodacon from starwars.com! (hey - that rhymes)


Does Deckard dream of electric sheep?

Word on the streets of Venice is that Blade Runner: The Final Cut is even darker, but still doesn't give any more or less clarity as to whether Deckard might indeed be a replicant. I don't need an answer either way, since I like the mystery of it all.

I have to admit, it's been a loooong time since I've seen Blade Runner. I have a VHS version of the Director's Cut, and it's just been... years. I've intentionally held off on getting the DVD since having heard that there was to be several better versions coming out in the future. Little did I know it would be in one fell swoop. Maybe I'll have to bust out the VHS to compare (even though when I get the bombastic version of the DVD I'll be able to see the same version again).

Warner Brothers have been pumping up this release with a new-ish website (ya'all have seen links to that here before), with special clips. Here's the latest:


More movie stuffs...

Thundercats is getting made into a CGI feature film! Even better, it's going to be developed by Gears of War art director Jerry O'Flaherty. NWOICE (okay, so the writer of linked article may not be so enthusiastic). Yeah, I know - another toon and/or superhero story goes to the big screen, but now that we can do this stuff for the big screen with much better results, I'm game.

I've been trying to keep up with the possible Wonder Woman movie that has been bouncing around the movie studios for a couple of years now. Joss Whedon was first signed on to develop the screenplay, only to be bagged.. er, or "leave" the project while Warner went with a spec script that is locked in a vault somewhere. More recently Wonder Woman has been coming up again, with the development of the Justice League movie. Some of the JLA characters would possibly get developed for offshoot films, Wonder Woman included. Jessica Biel was one of the more recent WW prospects but she (thankfully IMO) declined the role. What I wanna know is why the heck hasn't anyone approached Megan Fox (Transformers) - and if they have, why the heck hasn't she taken it. She is perfect! Okay, my opinion again.

So the non-news didn't end there. There were recent rumblings of a Warner top-exec saying that the studio would not produce any female led feature films. W00t? Okay, I'm a girl, so this one hits me a little hard. Supposedly Warner, and Robinov are denying any such remarks (see an article with updated WB response here). I admit, I'll agree with one of their angles - that any WW movie that goes to production will have to be the right combination of the right actor(ress), director, and timing. But even the rumor of such a mentality kills the morale, ya know? With characters like Starbuck from the new BSG, and... Starbuck from the new BSG (LOL - I stop here), I saw hope for women leads in action and sci-fi. *I'M* interested, but apparently the DWG's at studio top seats are skeptical. Just wait until I walk into that town ;)

Here's the biggie o' the day - Anakin and Mace are back and badder than ever before. Sam Jackson and Hayden Christensen star in this sci-fi action thriller about people with the ability to jump time and space, and those who have to hunt them down. Hayden is a "jumper" and Sam is a hunter. The folks who brought us the Bourne movies made this, so aside from Hayden and Sam, that's all I need to get me to the theater to see this. Check out the latest Jumper trailer:

DEFINITELY something I'll be looking forward to for February. Did you see the url at the end of the trailer? Got it linked for ya right here: anywhereispossible.com


Movie stuff n' things

First of all, I'm a little P'Oed that Transformers will see a DVD release on HD, but not Blu-ray. Michael Bay even threatened Paramount for it's HD exclusive decision, but it seems the Bayster doesn't have the same clout as Spielberg who will still have his films released on both formats. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait for a possible Blu-ray release for this. Maybe I'll break down and get an HD player, since they are finally becoming an almost acceptable format. I'm also irked that BSG is going to HD but not Blu-ray. Then there's Heroes too, which I probably will never buy anyway. Hmph. At least I'll get Blade Runner in Blu-ray.

Speaking of.. Transformers 2 has a green light, and Spielberg is putting a rush on it (can you put a rush on T1 on Blu-ray too Steve?). Lets see how much we can squeeze out of this franchise, shall we? It's just barely been talked about, and the leaks are already dripping. The TESB of Transformers? :p

The bigger news right now is some confirmation on Trek XI. The story looks to be Kirk and Spock intensive, but there is still no Kirk casted as of yet. Exec producer Roberto Orci tells trekmovie.com all about it.

This one sounds pretty cool - Jake Gyllanhaal will be working on a "moon movie". Not a lot of details on this one yet except:

"The SF action movie revolves around a private expedition to the moon and the race for lunar colonization."

That sounds geeky enough for me!

Did I mention that I'm miffed about Transformers not going to Blu-ray? Help me Stephen Spielberg. You're my only hope.

Geeze! I haven't looked for any new and exciting Indy 4 news. I guess we know that it's being made, and that's all that's important. I've kind of slacked in that area, but surely indianajones.com will keep feeding us :D


LOLz!!1234! Desine UR dreem homez

My first pass results. Click link at the end to design your own (thanx mirax!)...

Your home is a

Coder's Mansion

Your kitchen consists of dilithium-powered food replicators, manned by obedient robot slaves, who are sure to never, ever rebel. I mean, it's preposterous to even consider it. There's a Chocolatessen, which is rapidly becoming your favorite room of the house. Having one is also becoming a trend among your wealthy neighbors. Your master bedroom is decorated to look like the treetop village of the Galadhrim. Your study has every language reference book ever written, including now-useless titles like Learn Javascript 2.0! and C++ Programming for Windows 95. (Why are you keeping those?) One of your garages contains a life-sized X-Wing fighter, and KITT. (KITT was a gift from a well-meaning uncle.)

Your home also includes a robot repair bay, where your mechanized servants are routinely fitted with new restraining bolts. (It's just a precaution.) Your guests enjoy your home theater with hi-def plasma screen TV, and the thrones you watch it from. Outside is your radio telescope, listening constantly for alien transmissions. Especially invaders. They'll come eventually, even if nobody believes you. (Nobody does.)

And, you have a pet -- a unicorn named "Shadowhooves".

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream House!

Heh - second pass gave me much of the same, but with a few key additions... Time-Lord's Manor gives me a bonus beach right outside the door, with perma-killer waves, the animatronic Mos Eisley Cantina, and my study now includes "all Star Wars novels cross-referenced by incongruities"



7307 Takei

This one is for the Trekkies and the Heroes fans (does the latter get a fandom name?). Okay, for you astronomy fans too - startrek.com reports that George Takei now has an asteroid named after him.

"Last week the Committee on Small Body Nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union approved the name "7307 Takei" for the asteroid previously labeled "1994 GT9." The Takei reference will be used in the scientific community to identify this minor body from now on, presumably forever. Only about 14,000 asteroids have been named after specific people, out of about 400,000 such bodies known to exist."

Read the full article here

Kewl! Good job George.

In other Heroes and Trekkalicious news - by now if you're a fan of either, you know Zachary Quinto, aka Sylar from Heroes, is cast as Spock in the coming Star Trek XI movie. Other than that, STXI seems to be trudging along, supposedly for a Christmas 2008 release date. For more Star Trek XI updates, well, you can follow along at startrek.com for that too... along with a zillion other places on the web.



I think I'll pick this one up for Halloween :D

... next year (since it prolly won't make it outta Japan any time soon)