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First of all, I'm a little P'Oed that Transformers will see a DVD release on HD, but not Blu-ray. Michael Bay even threatened Paramount for it's HD exclusive decision, but it seems the Bayster doesn't have the same clout as Spielberg who will still have his films released on both formats. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait for a possible Blu-ray release for this. Maybe I'll break down and get an HD player, since they are finally becoming an almost acceptable format. I'm also irked that BSG is going to HD but not Blu-ray. Then there's Heroes too, which I probably will never buy anyway. Hmph. At least I'll get Blade Runner in Blu-ray.

Speaking of.. Transformers 2 has a green light, and Spielberg is putting a rush on it (can you put a rush on T1 on Blu-ray too Steve?). Lets see how much we can squeeze out of this franchise, shall we? It's just barely been talked about, and the leaks are already dripping. The TESB of Transformers? :p

The bigger news right now is some confirmation on Trek XI. The story looks to be Kirk and Spock intensive, but there is still no Kirk casted as of yet. Exec producer Roberto Orci tells trekmovie.com all about it.

This one sounds pretty cool - Jake Gyllanhaal will be working on a "moon movie". Not a lot of details on this one yet except:

"The SF action movie revolves around a private expedition to the moon and the race for lunar colonization."

That sounds geeky enough for me!

Did I mention that I'm miffed about Transformers not going to Blu-ray? Help me Stephen Spielberg. You're my only hope.

Geeze! I haven't looked for any new and exciting Indy 4 news. I guess we know that it's being made, and that's all that's important. I've kind of slacked in that area, but surely indianajones.com will keep feeding us :D


nob01 said...

Regarding Trannies 2 - I have to admit that just so long as there are enormous robots kicking seven colors out of each other and their surrounds, then I'm not really concerned about the plot. That will be my big dumb movie fun for 2010 :-)
As for the Trek news - I like the idea of Chris Pine, he's pretty good, and Bana would be mental. I got sucked into that site though - couldn't stop reading the articles, and then the hilariously angry comments below - curse you and your tantalizing links, jk!

starthunder said...

lol @ your usage of the word "mental" nob :p

i am in total agreement about transformers. i don't give a whoop about plot leaks, 'cos i don't really give a whoop about the plot. giant robot visual effects, and shia bein' all cute and funny... oh, and the hot cars - that's all i care about.

i have to admit, i'm not caring much about the trek movie. i mean i'm interested and all, but there's a zillion other movies i'm also interested in. there's something about the sci-fi geek and the fandom in me that feels compelled to keep up to date with that fandom, at least as far as the movie goes. hee hee - it *is* a fun social experiment peeking into that "other fanworld" though.