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Does Deckard dream of electric sheep?

Word on the streets of Venice is that Blade Runner: The Final Cut is even darker, but still doesn't give any more or less clarity as to whether Deckard might indeed be a replicant. I don't need an answer either way, since I like the mystery of it all.

I have to admit, it's been a loooong time since I've seen Blade Runner. I have a VHS version of the Director's Cut, and it's just been... years. I've intentionally held off on getting the DVD since having heard that there was to be several better versions coming out in the future. Little did I know it would be in one fell swoop. Maybe I'll have to bust out the VHS to compare (even though when I get the bombastic version of the DVD I'll be able to see the same version again).

Warner Brothers have been pumping up this release with a new-ish website (ya'all have seen links to that here before), with special clips. Here's the latest:


nob01 said...

I can't wait for this.
Seriously - grab a flight out to sunny San Jose and enjoy all six versions in our theater - we'll supply the noodles. Two of 'em!

starthunder said...

Wait... what do you mean "your theater"? In your home nob? Or is it playing in theaters in your area? I thought it was only playing in LA and NYC. I was *hoping* I'd at least get it as close as Boston.

Yeesh. It's getting chilly out here, and there's even snow in the forecast. So yeah, I'm almost ready to head out your way :D

RJ said...

Off topic:

You can remove me from your Featured Fans section. I shut down geek rebellion both on the official site and on blogspot. I reached severe blogging burn out and realized tonight that I hadn't really been enjoying it for a while. I'll be popping up in your comments still (actually probably more frequently then ever now that I'm free of my blog OCD).

I had taken "breaks" in the past, but had always made my way back more obsessive then over. Tonight I decided that I had to "burn the boats" and just move on.

My passion for Star Wars and all things geeky is actually as strong as ever. It's just that my passion for blogging about Star Wars and all things geeky is gone.

nob01 said...

Yeah, our home - we've got a private screening room here, 8 foot screen and a bunch of recliners with cup holders - LOL.

I'm watching more and more stuff here because audiences piss me off...

Guests are always welcome!!

starthunder said...

rj - thanks for addressing me about your blog retirement. no probs. i'll be sad not to check in on GR, but i'll be happy to see more of you here and over at the bar (and at frak when it strikes you).

nob - whoa! serious? you have a projector then? like totally awesome!! lol - i'll be over asap! (no - seriously, i may end up close to your area in the next year for school, so i'll apply for the position of home theater loafer-sloth :D