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Boba Fett Strikes Back

Long time, not much blogging here. I've been in a lull, and so has a lot of fandom news. For me at least :p

But new talk worthy things have arisen! First and foremost are the reports back from Star Wars Reunion 2 taking place in France (their own Celebration me thinks), and some details from Rick McCallum about the live-action Star Wars series. Read full report on TFN, and if you're feeling Frenchy, follow their links to the French site starwars-universe.com. Some of the highlights everyone is buzzing about for the live-action news (more Clone Wars news is in the article too):

- Boba Fett will appear in the live-action series, but no actor has been picked as of yet, but I think Daniel Logan would be an AWESOME and logical choice, since he's all grown up now. Apparently Rick agrees. *Original commented edited*

- Other than Fett, there will be all new characters, at least for the first 100 episodes. Rick says there are hopes to add EU characters after that. Young Mara Jade PLEASE!

- "Six screen writers have been hired and will start work in November" *Um.. LOL. I guess those writers aren't with the WGA. But then again, LFL isn't Hollywood!*

- John Williams is slated to work on the series. YAY!

- Check out Rick clips below, or watch it here in HD!

Another interesting rumor-oid in the article, but not having to do with the live-action series:

Saga Box Set:
- Lucasfilm is waiting to see who wins: HD DVD or Blue Ray.
- The box set will have around 100 hours of documentaries about the 6 films. (wow, we are shooting for a hundred of everything at this point...sweet!)

I really have doubts that LFL is waiting out the high-def format "war". I would think that like Spielberg, Lucas will release on both formats, and if forced to choose I would think it would be Blue-Ray (I hope!), since it has far better output capacity and about half the compression of HD DVD. But I'll take 100 hours of bonus features and a saga set on anything! Just let them be new bonus features.



Thrawn said...

*Hey! Last I remember, they were saying the live-action series would take place between episodes III and IV. So this means GL is genuinely authorizing Fett's emergence from the dreaded Sarlaac Pit!?*

Not sure what you mean by that, as the Sarlaac Pit takes place in RoTJ.

starthunder said...

wow. do i look majorly stupid now or what? i totally switched the two trilogies around in my head! unbelievable. editing right now...

Sarlacc-Pitt said...

I let that Boba Fett joker go... it's the only explanation for the ease of his escape!

Daniel Logan would probably be a sentimental pick for the new LA Boba, but really I doubt it... I've seen pictures of him now, and the kid is skinnnny! Unless he bulks up or something, I'm picturing them going with someone else...

That IS exciting news tho! And even though I'm not into the EU, I love the Mara Jade shout-out... if they did that, it would definitely drive up older EU interest (and sales).

SO awesome that John Williams is going to work on the series... that really is GREAT news! :D

Hmmm... Saga boxset... I don't know, it better have a lot of bells and whistles, or I probably won't get it... and hopefully, NO MORE changes to the films!!!!!

Great post, jk. :)

starthunder said...

Heh. Of course I thought of you as I wrote the Boba Fett stuff Pitt ;)

I thought he just had a bad after taste :p

If Daniel Logan played Fett, but always had the helmet and stuff on, then I guess he could just pad the suit out and be fine :D

I think it would sooo rock if Mara Jade were incorporated into the live-action series. It would majorly tie in with... well, everything, since she becomes Luke's wife later and all. I would love that, and I think most fans really would, no matter how little they know about Mara.