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Tales of the New Republic fan animation

This little trailer created quite a buzz on youtube recently. It seems that the smoke has lifted mostly, and this animation is now allowed (or maybe they couldn't stop the signal :p). If only they had incorporated a disclaimer IN the video itself that it was not a product of any Lucas company, life would have been easier. Basically, it's so good, most people thought it was a leak of some secret Lucasfilm animated project. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's not. This is a fan made animation from Tales of the New Republic (check out Thrawn too! sic). Here's the quote from the creator's youtube post:

A fan produced teaser trailer in the style of an animated cartoony Star Wars series.
www.TalesOfTheNewRepublic.com. This is 100% NOT Official (Just incase people get confused again :-)) Inspired by the look of Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars and Gentle Giants Animated Statues. Production assistance provided by the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School www.DAVESchool.com

Here's the web page for this project: www.talesofthenewrepublic.com
Check out the interview with creator Lee Stringer over at Expanded Universe (thx Thrwn! ;)


Thrawn said...

I have an interview with Lee Stringer (of Tales of the New Republic) on my Expanded Universe Blog.

nob01 said...

Yeah - Lee and the boys (and girls) did a wonderful job with this - if only Lucasfilm would finance them for a bunch of webisodes...