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SciFi updates...

Being the geek I am, I try and keep up on what's going on in the world of science fiction, and that includes the feed from the SciFi channel itself. Some cool top stories...

Actually, I'm torn as to how cool this story really is. My favorite show ever, the new Battlestar Galactica, has won many an award within the realm of sci-fi and even acclaim and recognition outside the sci-fi multiverse. With the Emmy nominations coming up, there was even a buzz about BSG being considered, which would be a huge leap for any sci-fi genre TV show. Sadly, BSG didn't make the cut, but a couple of pseudo sci-fi shows did (although I wouldn't consider these true sci-fi): Heroes, Lost Make Emmy Cut

Being a filmmaker myself, I found this insight on the production of Michael Bay's Transformers movie to be interesting.

More on Transformers... some video from the premiere featuring blurbs from cast and crew.

I have to say, I'm a little perturbed at the release of Transformers. For the last... forever, they were touting the release to be on July 4, but just this past weekend they supposedly pushed the release to the 3rd right under my nose, and what did they do? They had evening releases on the 2nd (Monday)! It kills me because I had planned my schedule for the longest time for a midnight viewing on the 3rd (well, technically it would have just turned to the 4th at 12am - I'm sure you get what I mean). And now, not only have I not seen it yet (and really want to), I probably won't be able to actually go until this weekend since I couldn't change any of my plans as of this weekend. Gah!

This isn't part of SciFi Wire, but because we all love Steven too: Spielberg on Spielberg airs on TCM on July 9 at 8pm and midnight. I don't think I will be able to get that (unless it's aired on a subsidiary network my cable carries), so if anyone wants to DVR it and P2P to me, that would rule :)


nob01 said...

We can 2peer Steven to you, jk.
I hope - LOL

jkthunder said...

beam me (and Steven) up nobby!! :)