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Superman: Man of Steel on it's way?

There's been a little hubbub and a lot of anticipation concerning the Superman Returns sequel, and as to exactly when Bryan Singer is going to get that frakker made. Last week, someone somewhere said that Singer was going to finish two other projects before Man of Steel, which would push the projected 2009 release even further. Those rumors were squelched more recently when someone somewhere else heard from some other guy or girl somewhere that the former rumors were false, and Singer is in fact in pre-production now while he works on other projects, and plans principal photography for Steel in 2008, and yes... Kevin Spacey will be back. Awesomeness.

More superhero stuff to look forward to:

Wolverine - This isn't X4. It's written. Now all they need to do is get a director and shoot it. A 2008 release? Hmmm.

The Dark Knight - Batman Begins sequel. Not much on that link, but they say to keep checking back. Supposedly the release is about a year out. Just give it to me now please.

Wonder Woman - They ditched Joss Whedon for this project, bought a noob spec script, and it's currently on ice. I can't see this actually being released in 2009... unless *I* make it :D. I like what Lynda Carter has had to say about all this. She roxx.

Bourne Ultimatum - Not your regular superhero, since Jason Bourne wasn't bourne from the pages of a comic book. But I love this franchise as cheesy-cliche as it might be. Great action... and the first movie, Bourne Identity, kept me coming back for more. The second, Bourne Supremacy, started with high intensity but kind of, well, you know... it was the second movie. Nevertheless, this will be the next thing I will *definitely* go to the theater to see... on August 3rd, 2007. That's a few weeks away!

... An interesting side note: When I saw Transformers, there was a trailer for this nameless JJ Abrams directed, Bad Robot production movie. It's um, to be released 1-18-08 I guess. Or is that the title?


pitt said...

I'm REALLY looking forward to the next Superman movie, I really loved SR. I must watch that again soon. Great blog!!

Neil Baker said...

I hope they pull their socks up for the next Superman movie - the last one bored me silly - speaking of boring, I am so fucking sick of shaky-cam now that during the action sequences of Bourne 3 I actually drifted away and started thinking about a current script - LOL. Shaky-cam ruined Transformers too. Shit - am I getting old?
The Lookout was good though!
Looking forward to the Dark Knight - love Heath's look!