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Indy, Indy, Indy! And a dash of Star Wars...

Click on the picture above... I dare you. The official website for the Indiana Jones franchise has gotten a face-lift as it gears up for the next installment, Indy IV. Check it out along with some recent production video peeks courtesy of Steven Spielberg.

Woah! Check out the video from Comic Con as well. Indy cast and crew! Hoot hoot! I read this transcript but really wanted to actually see it. Well, there I go. A very special lady makes an appearance, and Shia is hilarious - "I don't know what I'm doing in this movie". If this gets removed, don't worry... I downloaded it. ;)

Indy stuff was part of the rage at Comic Con. Look for some pics of Indy set props in this photo collection from the Official Star Wars.com Blog (the entry linked has some more Indy news from the Star Wars publishing panel at SDCC, as well as cool SW stuff... as always). Here's some video from the sw.commers too:

Very nice!

Some more reports from Comic Con panels thanks to TOSWCB
(looks like there's still no Kirk for Star Trek XI, but they got a young Spock!).

And last but not least - Kudos to starwars.com on the new Clone Wars addition to the website. I haven't combed through it yet, but I'll be getting to that soon. Now, can we have some live action show news peeps? I guess we'll have to wait until Indy IV goes to post before that. *sigh*


pitt said...

Whoa! Very cool Indy vid, jk!! That's so cool, the cast looks great... can't wait to see it! Nice "get"!

Oh, and the second one was great too, and I just had to chuckle at the music... corn on, the cob.. remember??! lol!

jkthunder said...

lol - yes! corn on..... THE coooooobbbbb! lmao. thanx for the reminder and the chuckle :D