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Life in-between Star Wars

There's always a ton of Star Wars news to report on, but lately I've been back on a new series Battlestar Galactica kick again. If the Celebration IV and Star Wars 30th anniversary buzz is starting to wear off, come join in on another sci-fi high. I've been rewatching the entire series (what's on DVD) again, and so has our geeky rebel leader RJ. Come join us by the frakking fire, over at the very frakked site FRAK.

So say we all


Thrawn said...

I never watched BSG; something I've been meaning to pick up.

Is "Frak" a BSG term, because I do remember Mr. Furious using it in Mystery Men...

jkthunder said...

Ha! Mystery Men! Did Captain Furious really use frak??

Anyway, yeah - it is a total BSG thing. Hee hee. Once you start watching, you'll get it. But I think it's use started partially because when this show began, they were considering airing it on NBC (which they did try a few episodes). But it's really one of those parallel universe things.

RJ said...

Frakkin frak frakkity frak. It's the BSG equivalent of kriffin' in Star Wars. I'm fascinated by non-profane profanity in the sci-fi world.