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My Empire cover is (drumroll please)...

The numero uno of the bunch, in my opinion at least: Classic Hero Luke!

No sooner had I posted a blog about this the other night - then the very next day the Empire magazine Star Wars 30th anniversary edition arrived at my bookstore. I had been looking for it ever since about May 25th, and I thought we just weren't getting them in. And there I was getting trigger happy about to order one over the internet.

We didn't have a whole lot to choose from, and my own choice was between Han and Luke, and maybe possibly Chewie (out of what was available). Click here to see the full collection of 30 covers.

I was still considering getting the Han cover, since Han and Luke both are my boys :) But if I did that I know I wouldn't be able to stop, and I would have had to have a larger collection of these collectable covers (yeah, it's the same magazine inside each one). I would have at least wanted one each of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Vader, Anakin, and Obi Wan. But why stop there? I would have also wanted Wicket, the Jawa, Greedo, Boba Fett, Darth Maul. Heck. I want them all now. The Golden Jar Jar cover though... I don't know what to think about that. Ouch. It would have been cool to find it and collect whatever loot you win.

To me though, the big kahuna would be the "Exclusive Cover" shown here. How one gets that I don't know (subscribers only?), but now I can see how collectors can get out of control. I'm happy with my Luke. He really is the classic Star Wars icon to me in many ways. Luke and the exclusive cover, and I'm happy. *Ngh*


RJ said...

I've been waiting for my issue in the mail. My subscription to Insider has been a nightmare since day one. Next year, I'll re-up for Hyperspace probably, but without the mag. It's much easier to just get it on the newsstand. Sorry, to be a downer! On a positive note, I do dig your cover. Looks slick.

Thrawn said...

Nice. I would have gone for the Fett cover myself, but what's new. :-)

jkthunder said...

this actually isn't an insider cover. it's empire mag - from the UK, and indeed i bought it from the newsstand.

fett wasn't available where i got it. they only had about 10 issues at the bookstore, so i had limited covers to choose from.

i could still go back and get han though, if it's still there.

*slaps self*

btw - these are running for $9.99 at the bookstores, since they're a UK import. you can probably still find them at major bookstores.

RJ said...

I'm an idiot. That's what happens when you don't pay close enough attention!

jkthunder said...

by no means are you an idiot. distracted and busy maybe, but highly intelligent me thinks :)

luke's fat head was blocking the title anyway. understandable mistake ;)

Thrawn said...

RYC: Sadly there was a WordPress problem and some of my last posts were lost.

Sarlacc-Pitt said...

Those are really cool covers! For some reason, I like the Boba Fett one the best. :D