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Darth Bane Strikes Back - Sequel in the works!

Just got the official word from Drew Karpyshyn, as well as Random House that Darth Bane's story, which began with Drew's book Path of Destruction, will continue with a yet to be named sequel novel. Even more exciting is that the sequel will be ripping onto and off of bookstore shelves on December 26, 2007! That's only a little over a year since POD was released. Yee haw!

If you haven't read Path of Destruction yet (comes out in paperback on June 26th - next week!), it really is an enjoyable read. The story traces back to the beginning of the rise of the Sith, some 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.

Fans of the Bane novel and that era were excited for a sequel from the get-go, and many thought one version of the continuing story of the Sith would be in an announced Plagueis novel to be penned by James Luceno, which was recently cancelled. Looks like Lucasfilm LTD wasn't ready for the mystery of Plagueis to be revealed. We will just have to see where Karpyshyn takes us with Bane.

Check this out for more info on Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.


RJ said...

I'm pumped for DB2. POD was really cool and that era of Star Wars history is so ripe for further exploration. It eases a little bit of the sting from losing the DP book.

Thrawn said...

That's really cool. Nice to know it's official now.

nob01 said...

I'll have to give POD a look. I've been too busy catching up on Clone War era novels...

jkthunder said...

im stoked!

nob - POD is one of those books that reads really quick. i'll betcha it would be a great plane read for the trip to CE ;)

the plagueis book cancellation was a little bit of a sting, but at the same time i had mixed feelings about it in the first place (as i believe many fans and VIPs did too). the star wars films harbor some great mysteries that are the source for many a late night message board debate, but never do you see the film mysteries answered in the EU - especially one of such magnitude as plagueis.

when they announced the book in the first place, i kind of asked myself if they really could do that! answer a huge film enigma in the EU? but i was prepared to eat it up with ravenous delight anyway. however, when the book was canceled, i kind of let out a sigh of relief. i had already assumed the reasons why, and sue rostroni soon verified what i thought.

anyway - great news about the PB next week too. it will give a lot more people a chance to catch up!

jkthunder said...

LOL - a little rant there. what i meant to post in the first place was the disclaimer about a couple of continuity errors in POD, which are explained here but not without some *spoilers* (very light ones though.

i can sum the more noticable ones here spoiler free.

- the first most noticable is probably the use of "vapaad" which was really kind of a typo from an overtired and overworked author. just replace that word with "juyo" (referring to lightsaber forms)

- there are a few other story and character points that conflict with other EU comics from the old republic era, but frankly, they are comics i havent gotten to yet anyway. to me they seem like minor points, and for the most part Drew has explained his creative license to do so, of which i completely support.