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For the sake of a post this week... SW Lego videos!

I don't think I could live with myself (okay that's stretching it) if I didn't put a post up here this week... so, I bring you some of youtube's finest (from this week at least) fan made Star Wars Lego videos. That's right. I aimlessly search the web for geeky Star Wars stuff so you don't have to.

A pretty good rendition (considering it's stop-motion Lego) of what was voted as the most epic battle scene of the saga... by some magazine. The Phantom Menace duel to Qui Gon's death:

Ooh! Thanks to Thrawn for this next one! Seems to be a trailer made for ROTS before we even had the title ROTS - ? Excellent photography in this. The end credits said something about this site, so must be a bunch of comics/toy buffs.

Amazingly, Obi Wan and Anakin's duel in ROTS didn't make the top spot in above mentioned vote from whatever magazine or website that was (I'll try and dig it up), but someone did a pretty good Lego version:

This one isn't Lego, but it seemed to flow pretty well from the video above. I don't know where or who this is, but Force FX lightsabers look wicked cool (yeah, I'm from the east coast) at dusk:

Also not Lego, but going with the theme here... who can resist the Simpsons and Star Wars? Click to view this one on the youtube page and check out the related video for a lot more...

Coming soon...

More fun Star Wars stuff, and notable fan interviews. I'm going to try and post video more frequently too, since there's a ton of fan stuff out there.


RJ said...

I'd never seen that Simpsons clip. Genius!

Thrawn said...

Nice vids. If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend watching Rise of the Empire, a fanilm preview that was made before RoTS. It's brilliant.

jkthunder said...

Very nice thrawn. Thnx! I'm going to edit that one in. There are just so many fan films, even SW Lego.

Nice site by the way. Linking you in my site nav.