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Blade Runner turns 25 - Final Cut DVD and theater release fall 2007

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Blade Runner to theaters. The DVD release I've been waiting for (put it in a REAL DVD case this time, will you Ridley?) is due out this September, and to my and many other fans immense delight, Blade Runner: Final Cut will also get a theater release this fall (as per this SFS report)! W00t?

The trailers are already running rampant around the web:

Thanks again to Club Jade


RJ said...

It's been years since I saw Blade Runner. I would definitely be interested in a theater viewing. Rutger Hauer's line about "like so many tears in rain" (or something like that) has always stuck in my head for some reason.

jkthunder said...

there's something about blade runner that holds it really dear to me. i would even say as much as star wars, but maybe just in a different way. it's truly a classic.

to be able to see this in theaters would be an event for the decade!