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Indy IV rumors/spoilers from TFN + my iNDY art!

I don't know that I'd call it spoilers just yet, but The Force.Net has been keeping us up to date with absolutely any Indy info they can get their mittens on. It's largely production info, but knowledge of certain actors possibly joining the cast may be considered a spoiler of sorts. This is probably not for the ultra-sensitive, but for the most part, you've probably heard some of this stuff anyway:

Indy 4 Rumors With Possible Spoilers from The Force.Net


Something I've been playing around with for awhile, and finally got around to touching up... In the spirit of Indy IV going into production, 9FF4 brings you:

iNDY! (click for larger view, and/or see below for the better version)
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For some reason, Indy with the iPod just doesn't do it for me. The design idea with the silhouette and lettering, since Indy begins with the letter I and all, seemed fun. But the iPod itself is just really un-Indy. So, check out the version without the silly little i..thingus:

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Ahh, maybe this will get reworked again. The Indy image comes from the marvelous poster artist for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and many more; Drew Struzan.

Feel free to use any of those for a desktop or your own Indy fun :)

A couple of other fan Indy sites:

The Raider.net

The Indy Experience (not updated in quite some time, but lots of cool images and other info)

Why snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?

- Raiders of the Lost Ark


RJ said...

It was pretty cool seeing Harrison Ford in the costume again. Excitement builds...

nob01 said...

That's a very cool graphic there, Jen!
I'm actually kinda partial to the first version - just make the cord/whip thicker, use the ipod typography, and you've got a winner :-)

jkthunder said...

i tried it with a thicker chord and it didn't really look right to me in relation to the actual ipod.

hee hee - i figured everyone else has been done ipod style, but never found an indy version. so voila! still tinkering.