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Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son (Happy father's day)

Ha! It's a little after the fact now, but tomorrow I might make a semi-annual pilgrimage to good old Wal-mart for a Star Wars exclusive (pretty much the only reason I'll willingly set foot in Wal-mart).

As announced on starwars.com, a Hasbro toy exclusive for father's day featuring a Vader and Luke figure, and a card to boot, is available only at Wal-mart stores, and "select" stores at that. I already observed father's day with my dad, but if there are any of these left he'll be getting a little something extra in the mail soon. I know he would get a kick out of it. My dad's a fan.

Thanks to Club Jade for the pointer on this, and I agree with Dunc. I want the version with Leia and the torture droid too. Any of you dads get to pick this one up (for yourself)? :)

Come with me. It is the only way... It is your destiny.


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jkthunder said...

Bah! The Wal-Mart in my area isn't "select" enough to carry the father's day exclusive, even though it's the only Wal-Mart within about a hundred mile radius.

The 5 minutes of life I wasted going into Wally world to look felt more like 5 years. That's how much I hate going into that store. It's a life-suck.