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Kicking someone's ass with the Force...

But that's not the Jedi way. Oh, it's the Sith. Now I get it. Wait... is it?

Anyway, part one of the documentary for the making of the next-gen game The Force Unleashed is now available to view at the Lucas Arts website. The full documentary was shown at C4. Hopefully it wont be too long before the additional segments are posted.

Pretty cool stuff, even if I still haven't figured out exactly what the story of the game is yet.

All I know is the concept art they've been churning out in "Secrets of 07" on Hyperspace have been kicking ass... with the Force.


RJ said...

Ooh, I like this look.

I thought that "kicking someone's ass with the Force" motto was pretty funny. The webdoc was pretty interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more.

jkthunder said...

this kind of thing is almost enough to make me want to get a next-gen console.

this look is me messing with the css when i get a moment. i keep messing it up, then trying to clean it up again. still tweaking. :)

nob01 said...

You know - I don't come here often enough (ie, never).
I'll rectify this collosal error.

I love this image, almost as much as the one of Shaak Ti and the rancors...

Keep it real, daddio.