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What if?

If you haven't already checked out If Star Wars Was Real.com do it now! They've recently added some archival photographic evidence. Here's some classic one liners:

ISWWR... a protocol droid would be doing your job!

ISWWR... unfortunately, Princess Leia would have been your sister too.

ISWWR... you would be captain of the Millenium Flamingo instead of that other one.

ISWWR... Boba Fett would've disintegrated you already.

ISWWR... the Empire would be the LEAST of your worries.

ISWWR... Jabba would live in the midwest and wouldn't be considered obese!

ISWWR... Jabba would be the #1 Hip Hop / R&B artist in America!

ISWWR... you would have failed as a jedi.

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Sarlacc-Pitt said...

That is an awesome site. Thanx for linkin' that. :D