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Star Wars on G4

I love G4. They have gaming, technology, pop culture stuff, but most of all because they're Star Wars fans, and recently G4 has been letting it all hang out.

They've been rerunning the 1.5 hour Celebration Japan special frequently, with awesome interviews from cast biggies, and have pretty much all of it divided into mutliple video segments on the website. Click here to see them all (I started at page 2, since the end is the beginning in this case). I have to post my favorite video from the lot though, which features our very own starwars.com fellow blogger and GHG Geek 'greenandwhitejedi', who aces the Star Wars quiz while the others flounder (how they didn't know the answers to those questions and still paid to go to Celebration Japan is way beyond me). Sorry fanboys, no Slave Leia Olivia this year, but they do flash back to those golden days with a Japanese twist! More info after the video:

Aside from this awesome Celebration Japan spectacular, X-Play is also running some Star Wars heavy programming centered around the upcoming Force Unleashed release (yeay!). As with CJ, most of the TFU segments are available to view via the site (scroll down to X-Play Previews), sans commercials. Some of the best news from X-Play concerning TFU is that the game is finished and they're putting the playable demo together which we can expect this month!

I've also heard that Steve Sansweet will be on Attack of the Show, but haven't seen it in the programming and I'm not sure if it's happened yet. Anybody?

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