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Sony's PS2 'Glowing Sword' Game

So yeah, it looks like a lightsaber game. It acts like a lightsaber game. But it's not a "lightsaber" game. Sony unveiled an interesting new motion tracking game-play system for the PS2 at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival on August 12, which should be available by the holidays this year. The new games will be using the PS2's Eye Toy, which isn't so new anymore. Some of the things that will make the new Eye Toy games different are the 1:1 motion-tracking capabilities, which should make movement instantaneous on screen, as well as the updated color-tracking system. The most notable game to be introduced is 'Hero', which will feature a fluorescent green sword used by the player which the Eye Toy will track and represent on screen as a glowing sword used to deflect objects and parray enemies.

Pros: Looks like a lightsaber. You get to swing a sword around. It's not for Wii.

Cons: It's not a lightsaber (Sony, did you even ask George Lucas?). You have to swing a sword around (Put on a sweatsuit and remove breakables from living room). The glowing sword on screen just hovers with no hands or character attached to it. Not even a mention of PS3 compatibility (even for backwards compatible systems). It's not a lightsaber.

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