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Just How Cute is the Chewbacca Mouse?

This handmade miniature Chewbacca Mouse by Etsy (spotted by i09) is so cute, that it was tested against Ewoks. The Chewbacca Mouse trumped the Ewok's in cuteness so much, it actually made the Ewoks look like ogres. Just see the test results for yourself:

Even in a standalone trial, the Chewbacca Mouse is undeniably cute


But when put side by side with an Ewok, the results are quite clear. Ewoks start looking like slobbering ogres, and the Chewbacca Mouse actually becomes even cuter!



The trial was even performed with baby Ewoks after the beta stage, just to be sure. I think you can guess what the outcome was.



No Chewbacca Mice or Ewoks were harmed during this trial (Well, not a lot of Ewoks anyway)

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