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Playstation 3 chronicles

"What have I done?"

Ahhh. I finally did it. I bit the bullet, got a little more in debt, and got the swanky Playstation 3. The 60G went down in price, and I finally decided that this was to be my high-def source for Blu-ray as well as an annoyingly sleek distraction from my already overloaded daily schedule. I needed something to pull me away from the internet tho. Rats. It's got internet connectivity. Ah, well. The PS3 web abilities suck anyway. It took about 2 hours to download a small Genji demo, and the frakking demo lasted all of 2 minutes of actual play time. X-Box still has the online/interactive thing nailed, way more than PS3. Now I'm watching the X-Box 360 Elite for a price drop. Maybe around the holidays? We'll see. For now, I'll be in my bunk... NOT playing Halo, but awaiting The Force Unleashed, and Lego Star Wars Saga Edition.

Then of course I'll need a Wii to get the awesome lightsaber motion action for TFU. I'm not sure though... if the lightsaber motion only works for two player mode when they are playing each other.

I get a fancy Blu-ray DVD rebate though. Trying to decide between: Corpse Bride or Blazing Saddles (CB should be well more worth it on Blu-ray, even if I only have 720p right now), Resident Evil 2 or Underworld Evolution (both equally cheesy in their own genre IMO), and Kiss of the Dragon or Transporter 2 (Big Jet Li fan here, but I already own KOTD on standard DVD. The Transporter flicks are fun and all, but not necessarily something that needs to be seen in high-def).

Hmmmm. Anyone have any opinions?


RJ said...

Oooh, you must keep us posted on how you like the PS3. I was debating getting one when The Force Unleashed came out, but now I'm leaning towards just getting that for the PS2 and buying a Wii instead.

starthunder said...

Woah. If you can get a Wii, I would go for it just for the lightsaber action they are promising with TFU.

nob01 said...

Ohh, shiny.
I have yet to plunge my toes into the scarily cold sea of next-gen consoles - and to be honest, I'm waiting for the Force Unleashed reveiews to come out before I make a decision.
As for your blu-ray choices:
Blazing Saddles
Underworld Evolution and
Transporter 2 - no contest.
BTW - I hope you've seen 'Crank', if not, go and get it right away young lady!

ketal13 said...

I've been seriously considering a Wii for Christmas for 'my boys'--if they are really lucky I might even let them play it with me, that is if the lightsabre only works in 2 player mode.
As for blu-ray... I haven't got a clue.:)

starthunder said...

i'll get to crank soon nob! i promise!

ketal - if ya don't got an HD TV, dont even worry yourself about blu-ray. the wii is standard def anyway ;)

too many movies and games... so little time. i have some deadlines this fall and by the end of the year that are really limiting my down-time. bleh

Hansgirl3 said...

Oh, I want a PS3 or an XBox360!! Arrgggghhhh! I need them before those video games come out. I only have a Gameboy Advance currently.

Well, maybe now that my situation has changed, I'll be able to get one soon. :)