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Because we need more TV show remakes...

NBC is planning a late season pilot for that 80's fave Knight Rider. Why? Because we haven't done a remake of every show yet. Sorry though fangirls, I don't think The Hoff will be on this time around. They'll have to upgrade KITT too I would suppose. A Hum-V perhaps? Some of the Transformers masterminds are developing the show with an Autobot v Decepticon edge to it.

I just wanna know... once we've remade them all, then what do we do?

We'll have the Hoff-bot rescue us. That's what we'll do.


nob01 said...

I'm just holding out for the Airwolf remake - or failing that, Streethawk, Automan or the one that they should really be focusing on, The Man from Atlantis!

ketal13 said...

Aww. The Man from Atlantis! Now that's a show I haven't even seen replays of--I'd love to see the replays *bursts into song* Memories...La, tee, tum, tee, tee, ta, ta, tum... :D
Knight Rider--it never turned my crank. Kit with that snobby British accent... oops--um I mean Kit with that voice--he was far too sophisticated to play second fiddle to David Hesslemen, or Hasslehufe--whatever!:D

ketal13 said...

LOL--Sorry, but I actually looked closely at this picture after reading your Hoff-bot caption--IT DOES look like a kinda, sorta pic of a transformer--I'll have to show my two little experts and see what they have to say about it though.:D

starthunder said...

How about a live-action Star Blazers or Battle of the Planets? Yeah!!