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Double Star Wars whammy!

Sure, there's always something going on in Star Wars news, but a few recent news items are of particular interest... at least to me.

Interviews with George Lucas:
Clone Wars and Star Wars TV

Posted on TV Guide.com yesterday, September 18, 2007, this interview with George has some Indy IV news tidbits, Fog City Mavericks stuff, and promises a continuing interview with the Maker for Thursday (yeay!):

George Lucas shares an in-depth update on the two upcoming Star Wars TV series and laments the loss of one of his favorite TV programs.

Details from the rest of the interview are already out (see video at end of this post). Due to air by the fall of 2008, The Clone Wars series already has 40 completed episodes, but because of its adult content and action the show still doesn't have a network behind it. Lucas says "Clone Wars has to air after 9pm and it can't be on a kids channel".

Script writing for the live action show will begin next month (still planned to air by fall 2009 supposedly). We'll be seeing stormtroopers but no Jedi, as well as little or no Vader and Sid.

BUT - Word has been scrambling around the web that Disney was picking up the Clone Wars scent: The Mouse Courts George Lucas - Looks like the adult content may not make the Disney cut though. *fans self*

The Force Unleashed

Remember the hype a few months ago about that nagging issue of when we were gonna get a lightsaber game for the Wii? Well, Lucasfilm teased us with word that they were thinking about it, and they themselves have already played it. Hmph! Turns out, it was for Force Unleashed! The PC gamers are a little miffed that there is no word on a release for that platform. Maybe with news of the new rumble PS3 remote, they'll make saber wand remotes just for this game! Pweeze? Either that, or I'll have to break down and try and get a Wii :(

Weird. At the time of writing this entry, I have G4's X-Play on in the background (way to multi-task!) and they just now came on with their special all Star Wars tribute episode featuring Morgan in Jedi robes and Adam as Lando with a battalion of stormies, and a talk with Hayden Blackman - project leader for TFU. Yep... KOTOR is still the best ever. That is, until TFU rears it's ugly head. If I find a video cast of this X-Play episode, I'll be posting it! It's a rerun from march '07, and you can see a lot of the video clips if you go to the site and surf for Star Wars video.

Ah - check out the G4 news from The Feed below for a report on most of the above mentioned news by the lovely Kristin Holt - includes word about the new Mass Effect game too (Star Wars relevance = Drew Karpyshyn of KOTOR and Darth Bane fame is a lead writer for BioWare and the Mass Effect game)

And speaking of Drew K, here's a nice little update from the man himself about progress on the Bane sequel, tentatively titled "Rule of Two", to be released this December... we hope :)

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That George interview is cool - see what I keep saying about Bay Area filmmakers? ;-)

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