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Comics News - JJ Miller does Indy IV and Vector

A few weeks ago I posted over at my starwars.com blog about the forthcoming new Star Wars title Vector, and that it was going to be developed by JJ Miller (of KOTOR) and John Ostrander.

Check out JJM's own blog for upcoming news on Vector, as well as over at Dark Horse.

Speaking of JJM, and Dark Horse, and Indy (okay we weren't speaking about Indy before)... Miller will also be developing the comic series for Indy IV. Very exciting. It's only in the agreement stage right now, so there isn't any info or details beyond that. Of course, it will be a Dark Horse publication.

And now really speaking of Indy... Dark Horse will be reprinting to omnibus all the rare out of print Indy comics from the days of yore! Volume 1 comes out next February, and since it's an omnibus edition.... hopefully we can expect the cover art to be included! *crosses fingers*

Great job JJM and Dark Horse!


RJ said...

I'm intrigued by Vector. The details are scant at this point, but I'm curious to see how it unfolds. A Star Wars cross-over event has the potential to be fun if handled well.

And I must admit I'm getting a bit of Indy fever as well. I didn't think all of the news out Indy IV would get me too excited, but I get more and more pumped as time goes by.

ketal13 said...

I want the Indy comics!!!And most especially the Omnibus edition.:D

ketal13 said...

I want the Indy comics!!!And most especially the Omnibus edition.:D

starthunder said...

I'm always interested in a new SW comic! And yes, the omnibus will be something to behold! I'm really excited to see the Indy 4 stuff too, including the comic. JJM has been doing a lot of really cool stuff. I wonder who some of the pencilers will be?

Gawd. I realized my spelling errors and fixed them. Posted this one on the fly!