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Warwick Davis likes us better

The under-4-foot multi-talented actor known as Warwick Davis blew off his very own red carpet Narnia premiere so he could appear at the Disney Star Wars Weekends events. Okay, so maybe he had a pre-scheduled contract, but still... he could have broken it if he really wanted to.

So he likes us fans better. Right? Well, in that case he likes Will Smith better too, because Will is a huge fan:

"You might think he has run out of ambitions, but Smith confesses he is harbouring a secret dream: "I can remember going to see one of the Star Wars movies when I was about 12, and I was the most amazed that I have ever been in a theatre in my life. If they ever want to cast me in another of the Star Wars films, well, I would be more than interested.''" Daily Telegraph

Well, I love you too Will. Did I just say that out loud in text?

Oh, and Warwick Davis also likes these two guys on Hawaii's channel 9 Sunrise show better. Star Wars triva battle to the death!

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