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Gametrailers.com Star Wars Retrospective

It's all about the games, and if there's any franchise that trumps the gaming industry, it's Star Wars. This retrospective even goes beyond the Star Wars Universe of games and forays into a little Lucas Arts history to boot. Thanks to Joe2D2 for bringing the continuation of this series to my attention. Click here for all the episodes at Gametrailers.com or watch them all below.

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV


Megatrends said...

Holy crap, figured i would just use the anonymous username to enter a response. The neighborhood Psycho here.

aka megatrends.

I loved watching all of these! I have a few of these but some I had never seen so this was cool. So cool i took out my emulator and am playing super star wars right now!

Sarlacc-Pitt said...

Saw this a while back... it was really interesting!