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Wall.E coming soon

Another Pixar hit will be gracing theaters (USA) on June 27. In fact this looks to be the greatest Pixar feature yet, if the movie lives up to the talent behind it and what the trailers show us (although the 5 to 8 year old populous may continue to stand behind Ratatouille). Pixar's Andrew Stanton and our very own Star Wars sound master Ben Burtt team up to bring us a most epic robot story that is Wall.E. From Scotsman.com:

"Burtt has spent much of the past two years holed up on his own in a concrete bunker at Pixar's studios, recording the sounds made by toothbrushes, household appliances, miniature jet planes, army tanks and his own voice. "I went to a newspaper printer overnight and recorded all the gigantic scanners and presses," he says. "There are sounds in the movie I recorded when I was a kid from my grandfather's shortwave radio. I would tune it between stations and tape the weird electronic noises. I've used something from those original recordings in every science-fiction movie I've worked on.""
Check out Disney's official Wall.E site for more robotic fun and games.


Megatrends said...


this movie will rule it because the character is strong. Somebody finally remembered that how something looks is not half as good as the characters and the story.

it is the problem i have had with some video games in the last 10 years where they spend so much time making it look so good and they forgot about the most important thing .... GAMEPLAY!

This movie will be a winner and a HUGE one.

Sarlacc-Pitt said...

I'm looking forward to this!!