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Force Unleashed demo: Soon please?

This just blipped on my radar... Have you been getting itchy fingers with the eternal wait for The Force Unleashed release on September 16? Well, I have, and there will be some relief as we can expect a demo for the game sometime within the four month period before the release. Well, there are less than three months to go now! videogamer.com reports, and don't forget to check their interview with Cameron Suey, producer of the next-gen TFU versions (PS3 and Xbox 360).

And while we're at it, why not make the "Secret Apprentice" (not much of a secret anymore, eh?) part of the Lego universe? Done! Well, since it was done by legostarwarsblog.com, they have come out with Lego TFU, but I like the original homemade version much better!

Gratuitous posting of concept art below

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