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Carrie Fisher on 30 Rock

Not really sure when the original air date for this was, but here's an episode of 30 Rock featuring Carrie Fisher. I don't watch this show too much, and I do like Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin... Carrie Fisher has such an electrifying presence almost no matter what she does. The one undertone I didn't really like was how they portrayed Carrie as being so old. She really doesn't look or act it - at least not of the "grandma" calibur, so the references seemed completely out of context. Anyway, I'm embedding the full episode here just because I can.

Season 2 Episode 4 "Rosemary's Baby" (21:24)

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RJ said...

Ah, the greatness of hulu! Carrie Fisher looks good in this. I swear I saw her recently and she looked a little freaky, like she'd had some massive plastic surgery.