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After all, what would a proper fan blog be without random news?

~ This one really caught my mind's eye: What if David Lynch directed ROTJ? (Thanks TFN) There would have probably been more bunnies involved... and it would have been much, much weirder.

~ The true meaning(s) of the Force.

~ An inspiring tale of a fan, a camera, and a journey. We're next Neil, except I'll stay in Tunisia while you head up to Finland ;)

~ Everything the tech geek in you wanted to know about LFL/ILM, and then some (Thanks Club Jade). No, this article doesn't tell you how to build a real lightsaber :(

~ Anyone who has any interest in this has probably already read the chat with Sue Rostoni over at The EU Cantina, but I'll post it anyway. This is a second hand post thanks to Thrawn's Expanded Universe blog.

~ Natalie and Hayden are voted to have the worst on-screen chemistry (Thanks Google News and everyone else who already blogged this). Yup. It made me cringe too. I still wish I were in Natalie Portman's shoes, but not the black leather number - nor about half of her other costumes. Still cringing.

~ I've been meaning to get the TPB edition of the Star Wars: Legacy first story arc Broken, but truthfully I'm less interested in actually reading it than I am in the discussions surrounding canon issues (really, I am too chicken that someone is going to kill off Luke, Leia and Han somewhere along the line, and reveal it in Legacy). But since one of my all time favorites, Obi-Wan, is being featured in issue #16, I'll probably pick up just this single issue. The question of Krayt should be answered!

~ Ian Anthony Assembles a Galaxy in Toronto. More collectors should show off their lewt this way IMO.

Did all you starwars.com members check your email and take the survey?

That's all I got for now.


Thrawn said...

Hey, thanks for the link love. :-) I've read a LOT of comics this Summer so I've been reviewing them this week. I've been submitting them to the Jedi Masters site as well.

The Expanded Universe Blog said...

Some of this stuff is tying in with Legacy possibly - I hear, which is pretty cool!

Yeah, the first few TPB's, especially.

Pitt said...

Neat-o "Force" link!

Cool Sue Rostoni article. Doesn't she have a sw.com blog?

Nat and Hay have the WORST onscreen chem? As if! :p

Oh, I took the survey... requested a "paint job" on certain sections, and more avatars.

Nice stuff!