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George Lucas speaks! I actually posted the highlights from this up-close and personal with George this spring, highlights which pertained mostly to his discussion of the new digital technology being developed for next-next gen gaming for Lucasarts. This was all a product of George's appearance at The Wall Street Journal's D: All things Digital annual tech and media conference for 2007.

*clicky* Now, that appearance is available to view in all it's glorious 54 minutes, as archived by the D website *clicky*.

George talks about much more than his recent digital revolution. This one is long but really, really, really, really worth the view. Heck, some of the other attendees of the conference are prolly worth a watch too (Jobs and Gates together for example), but I'm still busy absorbing George's words :)

There's no embed function for that video - you'll have to watch via the provided link, so instead I bring you a fat cat playing Jabba, who can't spell wookiee
BTW - This is some random internet cat and it ain't mine. If it were, my wookiee, Thunder, would've taken care of it long ago :p


Thrawn said...

I watched about 10 minutes of it before I realized how freaking long it was. Maybe some weekend...:-)

jkthunder said...

you may have already seen those 10 minutes anyway, if you ever watched the "highlights"

the rest is really cool words from george about.. just about everything. but yeah - it's long.

ketal said...

Hey JK. I finally took a few minutes to visit your site. It has changed a lot since the last time I visited! NICE JOB!
Like Thrawn I too don't have time to watch all the links today, but I'll be baack... Who can resist the power of George Lucas clips.
Love the Jabba Cat photo.

jkthunder said...

hi ketal - thanks for visiting. this place is always getting tweaked. *always on the move*