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Anakin... Anakin... YeeeEEEEEeeeessssss!

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We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt here :)

*The following was a birthday "e-card" of sorts for amidalooine*

(There was some other stuff before the fangirl indulgence below)

Sooo, now that we've had some cake, how about some eye candy, yes? I know this will give ami a little thrill (and heck, me too). An ode to the hottie(s - Mostly Anakin/Hayden... but I just couldn't stop there) of Star Wars. I tried to make these live strippers, but I haven't mastered that Force trick yet :D

I always liked this one

Even though we know he's crispy on the inside, there's something about the suit that's pretty hot too. Especially this silhouette. Add the iPod = Darth Steamy

You know I couldn't help myself. Hey - people give gifts that they like themselves, right?
And ummm........

I swear I blew this one up as much as possible >>

omg! me too!

I know you're not so into the Han thing ami, but again, I am weak and couldn't help myself. From now on, hot pictures of Anakin...

Woops... a little too hot me thinks...

Worst action figure idea ever>

A little better?


More wind! More wind!>>




AW! About the only Anakin/Padme kissing picture I can stomach.

Hello! Eyes!!!

Should I stop with this one??


I don't wanna stop!

Tee hee!



I just edited this one out... the one before was a dorky shot of Hayden from inside a Ferrari. i made some snarky comment about how girls are usually slathered over the cars, but I'll take Hayden... and something about me driving. How about a Lamborghini instead?

This makes up for the bad photo above me thinks (before the edit).

Really though, I'm a sucker for the bike!

Some of my favorite pictures... from a GQ article. There was another Louis Vitton ad I think I showed you before. I'll try to dig that one up again.


Ummmm.... hokay. Maybe this will have to tie it up. I'll be back. Sorry to all you boys. All little fangirl tangent here ;)

So, I'll REALLY end with this one... even though there are so many more great pictures. I'll just have to post more later. The saga continues indeed. Happy birthday dear friend!!

OOPS! How'd that one get in there??!! :D


*So... This next section is the part where I go hardcore fangirl. There's just too many pictures, so I'm adding more*

Louis Vuitton on Hayden

Modeling Ani!

Girls... If you haven't seen "Life as a House", here's your reason to>

I have always been a bit perturbed at the criticism that Anakin's character is "wooden". Hayden gave Anakin a depth with extremely effective expressions that range from the most subtle glimmer in his eyes to overt physical postures and gestures. IMO of course...

Quite a set of peepers on him I would say.

So that's where the sw.com avatar came from Ani

Monolithic Ani

Animated .gif Ani

OMG - I was thinking the same thing!>

(Chinese translated back to English Ani)

Senator teasing Ani

Doesn't look too scared to tease to me! :D

Classic Ani

Standing meditation Ani

Low resolution Ani ^

Of course brooding is one of his fortes.

Best marching shot ever (well, this decade anyway).

Barefoot Ani

(gawd I hate the shortened version of his name, but this goes along with the "Ani song" at the top of this entry)

Caught in mid-sentence Ani

Pensive Ani

Rockstar or Trainspotting lookin' Ani

Comics Ani

The genius of Brian Ching

Anime Ani

Brooding Clone Wars Ani

Not an Ani Ani! >>

hoo dat?


Hansgirl3 said...

Some great pics there, JK! ;)

Glad you threw in a Han pic! *tee hee*

ketal13 said...

I checked out your Scottish Kilt joke a while back (NI-CE pics of Ewan BTW)and I finally made it back to check out some more stuff. I have to say that the first entry I checked out ROCKS!!! Wow-ow-ow-ow!! Amidalooine is a lucky gal to have a friend like you--thanks for sharing her gift with all of us fangirls out here-it was mmm, mmm, GOOD!!!!:D
Seriously--awesome job. Most impressive indeed. I'll be back...

Anonymous said...

thanx for all the hayden pix!

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 da pics of Hayden!!
theres sum good pic's of him on his bebo profile! check it out!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh.