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It's not KOTOR... exactly.

Still eying the 1up live blog, now from the breakouts. I'm starting to glaze over at the details of a PC MMORPG though. It does look like this is going to get developed for console platforms, but they are working on the core design now. At least they didn't say this will definitely be PC only... just that PC is all they are talking about "for now".

So, even though it's within the KOTOR time frame, it isn't actually "KOTOR 3", which I'm glad for, since by it's nature of being an MMORPG, this makes it distinctly *not* KOTOR. Instead, it is Star Wars: The Old Republic, and will be taking place around 300 years after KOTOR (2). Apparently some characters from the KOTOR series may appear if they could weather the 3 centuries.

Visit the official site - www.swtor.com

Video from game spot featuring BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk:

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nob01 said...

I forsee a thousand kids who will want to play as HK-47.