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Wii Lightsabers Finally in the USA... Sorta

It was almost time to get excited in the USA for the long anticipated arrival of Wii remote lightsaber attachments, which were previously only available in the UK. Somehow, Nintendo thought it too dangerous to agree to such an attachment (but boxing gloves, other controller accessories, and the remotes themselves weren't already dangerous in the same way?), but I guess it was okay for the Brits to wack the snot out of each other.

In recent weeks, there were several different brands offering the lightsaber attachments for preorder, of which the highest quality hilts were from the Thrustmaster company. The Thrustmaster Glo Saber Duo Pack had a release date listed for September 30, with preorders available. If you check that link today (September 30, the release date) they are already temporarily out of stock. Did they ever really have them in stock, or did the preorders scoop them all up?

There are some other brands offering a lightsaber attachment, but you will be hard pressed to find any available. Amazon is also carrying the Glo Sword, which appears to ship from Target (so look for it there on shelves at some point?), in three different flavors as far as I could find; red, blue, and green. This one is "temporarily out of stock" as well, although I hadn't seen if this had a release date previous to today.

Bestbuy.com has a listing for the dreamGEAR Dual Glow Sabers, which as of yesterday was listed as "coming soon", and today - you guessed it - they are backordered.

My guess is there was a limited quantity of all of these brands that they tried to squeeze out for the already released (as of September 16) Force Unleashed game. Here's to hoping there is a large supply available for the release of the Nintendo exclusive Clone Wars game, expected for the holiday season.


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Mark said...

I have the thrustmaster set- they look cool- but are only good for playing against another person.

1. They are a little heavy at the blade end- and to remove the emitter tips would need a nut to hold them on- not thought of or provided.

2. They limit the "pointer" you have to remove the pointer to select things, so playing the computer - no way- you'll get smoked the lightsaber makes it so you move slower in the game so player vs player is the only time you'd use it.

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