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2006 Fan Film Awards at Atom Films

Vote for 2006 Fan Film Awards!
For any of you who like to check out some of the fan films, now is your chance to have your say as to which you like the best.

Go to Atom Films on the web and put in your vote from the 10 finalists for the Audience Choice Award... because, hey, what else are you gonna do this week? George Lucas is doing it. Voting ends on July 5th.

And I was so close to a 2 line blog. Ah well, my day will come.

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You can find the 10 films and cast your vote here:


Enjoy :)

Edit - Now that I watched them all...

My choice:

Pimp My Ship Up - I had to go with this one, even though there are so many other Star Wars spoofs that mimic reality TV. Compared to the rest of the 10 options however, I thought this one was overall the funniest, and consistent. It was just long enough (a lot of them were too short), there was some good CG in there, and the commercials were fabulous (especially the IPod/3PO spoof). Not to mention the tribute to George Lucas' "space junk". If it weren't a parody on the whole mentality, I might have been slightly offended by the stereotypical objectification of women, like the slave Leia dashboard wobbly and the logo on the seat cover... but "Booty Hunter" is just too funny! :p There were a lot of funny little gags in there. But the show host should've been greener IMO.

Close runners up for me:

Han Shoots First - This one was a close second for me, and I would have chosen this for first but it was a little too short and a bit vague as to its intentions. I'm *pretty* sure it was a spoof trailer for the OOT release in September 2006. The pure matter of emphasis on Han shooting first in the OOT was enough for me to *almost* vote for this one. Well cut. Wish these weren't so darn small screened.

Pitching Lucas - This one was pretty good. Well cut, good effects, interesting enough story, acting was good (from certain angles the Lucas actor almost looked like him). There was something about it I didn't like though. Maybe it just wasn't interesting enough for me.

Blue Milk - Definitely funny, but a little too low budget-esque for me. Must be why they had to hire Rive Caedo for the leading part. She did a great job, but those Imps were just as mindless as usual.

Memoirs of a Padawan - This one would definitely be an honorable mention. I just liked it.. especially picking up the hot end of the rotoscoped wiffle ball bat :p The whole thing was a nice thought.

sith'd is a great concept, and they filmed it well. The acting and idea (for this particular "episode") is only so-so. I think they could do some great stuff with the concept though. Maybe there will be future episodes.

All the others... not too inspired in my opinion. Overall, I'm not feeling this is the best crop to choose from, but it's still good to see fans hard at work in honor of the saga.

Anyone wanna place bets on what George Lucas will pick? Republic credits only of course, since they're not worth a dram of exposed glitterstim. I wonder how he'll take Pitching Lucas.


Master Skywalker, there are too many of them. What are we going to do?

This has been a public service announcement... with power converters!

Hate how they always cut Leia out of that.

*I'm in one of those moods today*

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